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Book List 2017

87 books this year. I read them in this order.
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Abracadabra!     Nathanial Schiffman    1997     Explains magic tricks. Confirmed some suspicions and learnt a lot too.
Providence Rag     Bruce De Silva    2014 Mystery with Providence RI backdrop.
Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Book Store     Robin Sloan    2001    Novel. Did not like.
David Hockney 1975-2012  Christopher Simon Sykes  2012  Part II of bio. Very good.
Proust's Way    Roger Shattuck    2000   Excellent. The nuts and bolts of Proust's writing.
Let Fury Have The Hour    Antonino D'Ambrosio    2004    The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer. Makes you miss Joe.
The Shakespeare Wars    Ron Rosenbaum    2006     The debates in Shakespeare scholarship studies.
Wolf to the Slaughter     Ruth Rendall    1967    Mystery novel.
Meditation  Eknath Easwaran  1991   On meditation and mindfulness.
The Waste Land  T.S. Eliot 1922   The poem with many essays. Very good.

1984  George Orwell 1949    Classic
Critical Interpretations of 1984  Ed. Harold Bloom 1987  Essays on 1984.
History of Modern Sculpture  Herbert Read 1964   Good.
T.S. Eliot  Naomi Pasachoff  2009   Short review of life and works.
Grace  Daphine A. Brooks 2005   33 1/3 series on Jeff Buckley
Friends and Other Strangers: Bob Dylan Examined  Harold Lepidus  2016    Stories about Bob Dylan.
The Waste Land and Other Poems  T.S. Eliot  1930   Classic.
T.S. Eliot  M.C. Bradbrook  1950 Short analysis of works and life.
T.S. Eliot   Ed. Hugh Kenner  1962   Collection of critical essays.
Four Quartets   T.S. Eliot   1944   Classic.

Selected Poems   T.S. Eliot 
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats T.S. Eliot 1939 Light hearted cat poems.
Sudden Mischief Robert B. Parker  1998     Spenser novel
Math Word Problems Karen Anglin 2004 Reviewing some math.
Macbeth Shakespeare 1600 Classic.
Hopper    Rolf Renner2007    Paintings and analysis.
Night Train   Martin Amis   1997 Novel. Of some interest but not enough to recommend.
An Introduction to Metaphysics Martin Heidegger 1935   Too much for me to understand.
The Red and the Black   Stendahl     1830 Important book in the development of the novel. Post Neapoleton zeitgeist.
Dangerously Funny David Bianculli   2008 The story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Life Keith Richards/Fox 2010 Lot of music talk. Rags on Mick.
Neil Cassidy: Collected Letters, 1944-67 Ed. Dave Moore 2004 He was one strong personality. Valuable in understanding the Kerouac group.
Pythagorean Crimes Tefcros Michaelides 2008 Mystery, but really just a framework to present famous math problems.
Reading Descartes Otherwise Kyoo Lee 2013 Beyond me, but I gave it a try.
The Big Picture Josh Spair 2013 Panoramic photos that show American life passed into history.
Surf Beat: Rock'n'Roll's Forgotten Revolution. Kent Crowley 2011 Dug deep and got some interesting details.
Believing is Seeing Errol Morris 2014 Interesting inspections of photos to find inconsistences and question the truth.
The Late Century Dream Various 2000 Indie scenes in Athens, Chapel Hill, Austin and Seattle.
Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History Harvey Pekor and others. 2008 All about SDC. A reminder of the turbulent 60s.
Both Flesh and Not David Foster Wallace ??? Collection of essays. Not worth it. Better to read the fiction.

The Art of Poetry Shira Wolosky 2001 Lucid guide. Goes deep.
Wittgensteins' Mistress David Markson 1988 Experimental novel. A show fractured unveiling that won me over in the end.
The Essential Allen Ginsberg Ed M. Schumacker 2015 Mostly letters and essays.
Clapton's Guitar Allen St. John 2005 About building a guitar for Clapton and also takes a look at guitar collectors.
A Deadly Vineyard Holiday Philip Craig 1997  Mystery novel.
Flaneur Federico Castigliano 2016 The art of walking the streets of Paris.
Assassination Vacation    Sarah Vowell   2005 Three parts annoying to one part interesting.
The Irresistible Introvert Michaela Chung 2016 Saw my problems in this.
Nausea Jean-Paul Satre 1938 Classic downer.
The Jesus and Mary Chain Zoe Howe 2014 Miserable people making the hits.

Ten Windows   Jane Hirshfield  2015   Digs into the subleties. Excellent. Where the stuff of life connects to poetry.
The Life and writings of Paul Nelson   Kevin Avery  2011   Famous rock critic.
Slow Burn   Ace Atkins  2016   Spenser novel. Bad.
Incompleteness   Rebecca Goldstein   2005  Life and theories of Kurt Godel.
Hindemith, Hartman and Henze   Guy Richards Knausgaard  1995    Short look into the lives of German composers.
Punk Avenue   Phil Marcade   2017   Inside the NYC underground 1973-82.
Deadly Mission   Judith Campbell   2010     Mystery novel. Waste of time.
Zero     Charles Seife     2000     The concept of ZERO. A lot of math, obviously, but also religion, surprisingly.
Henri Rousseau: Dreams of the Jungle    Ed Werner Schmalenbach  2000   Art book and bio.
The Sparrow
    Mary Doria Russell    1996     Unusual sci-fi. Jesuits in space. Dealing with future alien contact.

Van Gogh     D.M. Field   2006     Bio with plentiful paintings.
Lonely Boy    Steve Jones    2017     Auto bio of Sex Pistol guitarist. Just alright.
Poetry Notebook     Clive James   2014     Easy conversational tone helps deliver many insights.
The Fallen Sparrow   Dorothy B. Hughes  1942   Mystery. Didn't like.
Rewrite Right    Jan Venolia    2000     Tips for proper prose.
Two Jews Blues    Barry Goldberg/Roeser   2012    Bio of Barry and Michael Bloomfield. Good.
The Past Recaptures     Marcel Proust   1913    A reread for me. Seventh and final book in series.
How to Be A Husband     Tim Dowling Lawrence   2015    From the wife. What should I think of that?
Sick on You    Andrew Matheson    2016     Hysterical story of the unknown glam band The Hollywood Brats.
Chrissie Hynde: My Life as a Pretender    Chrissie Hynde/Eco   2000     A lot of drugs in the story.

Making It: Music, Sex, and Drugs in the Golden Age of Rock    Ted Myers    2017     Ted was in the Lost, Chameleon Church and Ultimate Spinach
Devotion    Patti Smith 2017 Very short. Liked the first section the best.
Othello   Shakespeare  1600   Classic.
Proof Positive    Archer Mayor    2014   Joe Gunther mystery novel.
Paris Nocturne    Patrick Modiano    2015   Didn't like.
Understanding Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture    Donald Hoffman  1995   Text with illustrations. Made points clear. Very good.
Zero K    Don DeLillo 2016 Deals with big issues but fell short for me.
The Magic Mountain    Thomas Mann 1924 Big book in a lot of ways. Liked a lot.
Pale Kings and Princes     Robert B. Parker   1987   Spenser novel.
Do You Have a Band?    Daniel Kane 2017 The mix of poetry and punk in 1970s NYC.

Small Town Talk    Barney Hoskyns 2016 The History of Woodstock NY.
Justine    Lawrence Durrell 1957 First book of the Alexandria Quartet.
Balthazar    Lawrence Durrell 1958 Second book of the Alexandria Quartet.
Mountolive    Lawrence Durrell 1959 Third book of the Alexandria Quartet.
Clea    Lawrence Durrell 1960   Fourth book of the Alexandria Quartet.
Lawrence Durrell and the Alexandria Quartet  Alan Friedman 1976 Book of analysis.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
   Shakespeare 1600 Classic.

Short stories/plays or books I didn't give full attention to.

Symmetry   Hermann Weyl 1952 Science.
French Impressionist Paintings in the Louve    Germain Bania
This is Your Brain on Music   Daniel J. Levitin  2006 Photo book.
Brighton   Michael Harvey 2016 Novel.
Pop Cultured Mark McNulty 2008 Photos of British music groups
Bob Dylan: Alias Anything You Please Ty Siklman 2011 Photo book
Angel's World ed. Michael Lesy Photo book
The 1980s: Britain in Photos. 2008
The Contact Sheet Steve Crist 2009 Photo book
Annie Oakley Chuck Wills2007

Hydrogen Jukebox: Writings of Peter Schjeldahl Ed. Malin Wilson 1996 Art critic.
The Fourth Dimention of a Poem Mill Abrams2012 Essays
20th Century Architecture 1940-65 John Jacobus
Othello: Sparknotes    Read along with play.
Alberto Giacometti    Jackie Gaff    2002 Short bio.
Henry Moore    Sally O' Reilly 2003 Short bio.
Edward Hopper    Emma Foa 2003 Short bio.
Tea: Discovering, Exploring Hattie Ellis 2002 Short.
Twelfth Night    Shakespeare   1600 Monarch notes.
Magic Mountain    Study guide.

Holbrook's Gold Star Record    Record of war dead.
T.S. Eliot's Major Poems and Plays      1965 Cliffs Notes.
Warning Shots: Classic Cinema   Gary Gliddons   2010 Movie reviews.

Past years Booklists CLICK HERE

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