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Book List 2014

112 books this year. I read them in this order.

Bleeding Edge     Thomas Pynchon     2013     Enjoyed a lot.
What Are the Seven Wonders of the World?     D'Epiro/Pinkowish     2003
    Large encyclopedia type book with well written essays on cultural and historical facts.
The Scoop on Good Grammer     Margie Blumberg     2013    Brushing up.
Vineyard Shadows  Philip R. Craig  2001  Mystery with Martha's Vineyard backdrop.
Bobby Fischer:The Wandering King    Bohm/Jongkind    2004  Cobbled together interviews. Sketchy look at Fisher. Not well done.
Morrissey: Autobiography    Morrissey    2013    Great if you love Morrissey and I do.
White Noise    Don Delillo    1984    Liked a lot. Deals with living in the present day being bombarded by consumer demands etc.
Musical Portraits     Paul Rosenfeld    1920    Very expressive . Extremes of praise and condemnation. I liked the style.
Dispatches from Blogistan  Suzanne Stefanac  2007  Info on blogs. Good.
Facts and Fictions of Life  Helen H. Gardener  1893  Lectures are a look into hot button issues of the time period. Free ebook.

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine  Various  2005  
   30th Anniversary Anthology: J. Lethem, I. Asimvov. Kim S Roinson story Glacier had Brighton/Allston backdrop.

Cold Service  Robert B. Parker  2005  Spenser novel
E=MC2  David Bodanis  2000   All about the equation. Good.
The Cocktail Party  T.S.Eliot Smith  1950   About making choices and realizing the self in the 'modern world"
Rubber Soul  Greg Kihn  2013   Waste of time. Didn't like, but I love Greg's music.
The Subject of Semiotics  Kaha Silverman  1983   Over my head but I concentrated on the sections about film
   (Pyscho, Gilda, Rebel Without a Cause) and literature (Fitzgerald, Balzac, Proust)

Wittgenstein: On Rules and Private Language   Saul A. Kripke   1982   I couldn't catch the significance of the arguments.
Airs and Voices   Paula Bonnell  2008 Poems. Some Boston oriented. So so.
Frogs   Aristophanes   400 BC   Lively and funny.
How Music Works   John Powell  2011   Too basic for me.

Murder at a Vineyard Mansion   Philip R. Craig  2005 Martha's Vineyard mystery.
Ten Years in the Tub Nick Hornby 2013 Love this book of book reviews and the musings on what it means to be a "reader".
Surrealism:The Road to the Absolute Anna Balakian   1959/70     Good. Review of major concepts and figures of Surrealism
A Separate Peace John Knowles 1959 Great.
Lysistrata Aristophanes 411 BC Great.
Democracey, Culture and the Voice of Poetry   Robert Pinsky 2002 Short look at poetry in American life
August Heat   Andrea Camilleri   2006 Mystery set in Italy.
Off My Rocker Kenny Weissberg 2014   Stories of DJ/concert manager in Boulder, CO and San Diego.
What Good are the Arts John Carrey    2006 Questions if art makes us morally and ethically better. Very good .
Dialogue with Death Eknath Easwaran   1981/92 Seeing living via meditation. Very good.

Finding Meaning in Films Sara Absib Vaux 1999 Alright. Some insights.
Sex and the River Styx Edward Hoagland 2011 Essays by environmentalist.
Element 79 Fred Hoyle 1967 Collection of Sc-Fi short stories.
RL's Dream Walter Mosley 1995 Novel. Didn't like.
Sippewissett Tim Traver 2008 Environmental concerns of the Falmouth salt marsh. Great.
Almost Grown James Miller 1999 History of Rock and Roll. Nicely written but nothing new to me.
Gorky Park Martin Cruz Smith 1981 Good Russian backdrop.
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein 1921 Didn't understand much and knew I wouldn't but tried it anyway.
Oxford Book of American Light Verse Ed by W. Harmon 1979 Fun to read. 528 pages.
Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty Tim Sandlin 2007 Amusing Story of hippies in 2022 having an uprising in a nursing home. Review below.

Selections from the Essays. Montaigne 1994 Good.
The Last Picture Show Larry McMurtry1966 Good. Captures the dynamics of a small town and feelings of emptiness and loss.
Night and Day Robert B. Parker 2009 Jesse Stone novel.
Art - A short guide to writing about art. Sylvan Barnet 1999 Very good.
The Darwin Reader Ed by Mark Ridley 1996  Excerpts from famous works. Great.
The Connoisseur Evan S. Connell 1974 Novel. man gets drawn into the world of collecting. .
Plutus Aristophanes 414 BC Good satire.
The Old Way of Seeing Jonathan Hale 1994 A plea for better modern architecture.
An Open Heart Dalai Lama 2010 Compassion in everyday life and practices of meditation. .
River of Doubt Candice Millard 2005 Teddy Roosevelt's journey in the Amazon. An amazing adventure.

Escape from Skepticism   Christopher Derrick   1977   Good thinker/writer but the book got very dogmatic.
This Side of Paradise   F.Scott Fitzgerald   1920   Liked it; he tries to capture the generation around WWI
No Limits   Ed by Joseph Ferman   1956   Sci-Fi short stories
The United States Constitution: The Convention and Ratification   Victor Simon and Shuster.   1998   Audio book read by Walter Cronkite
Off the Record   Joe Smith   1988    Short but lively interviews with rock stars.
Pastime   Robert B. Parker   1991   A Spenser novel
The Snowden Files   Luke Harding   2014     A story of our times worth knowing.
The Future of Man     Teilhard De Chardin    1959     Deals with the continuing evolution of man. Essays get repetitive/religious but still liked this.
Fair Maiden    Joyce Carol Oates    2009     Novel Good .
Einstein's Dreams     Alan Lightman   1993   Novel. Short pieces reflecting on how things would be if time had different qualities.

The Big Bang     Mickey Spillane/Max A Collins     2010     Mike Hammer in the 60's. .
Eugene Ionesco     Richard N. Coe    1961     Excellent analysis of Ionesco.
Rhinoceros and Other Plays     Eugene Ionesco    1960     Plus The Leader and The Future is in Eggs.
Vineyard Enigma   Philip R. Craig  2002   Mystery novel.
Eugene Ionesco: Four Plays    Garrett Hardin    1960     Bald Soprano, Lesson, Jack, The Chairs.
William Faulkner Frederick Hoffman   1961    Review of his works.
The Assurance of Immortality    Harry Emerson Fosdick   1913    Good arguments and reasoning. Fosdick was quite a figure in his day.
Vinyard Stalker     Philip R. Craig   2007     Murder mystery.
Sweet Machine    Mark Doty    1998     Poety. Good.
Oedipus Rex    Sophocles   BC     Classic.

A Controversy of Poets    Ed by Leary/Kelly   1965     Didn't like this poetry collection.
The Real Thing     Tom Stoppard 1982 Play. Good. Real versus staged emotions/life.
The Purpose of the Past   Gordon Wood   2008   Lots of early American History. Very good.
William Butler Yeats    Dennis Donoghue   1971   Examines themes behind the poetry.
9th Pan Book of Horror Stories    Ed by Herbert van Thal   1968   Fun read.
The Way We Live Now    Anthony Trollope  1979   Too long and drawn out.
Black Postcards    Dean Warham 2008 Loved this bio from Luna headman.
Dylan's Visions of Sin    Christopher Ricks 2003 Excellent. Packed with insights. Treats Dylan as poet and gives close readings to the lyrics. .
The American Revolution     Gordon Woods    2003   Short look at the Am. Revolution by major historian.
Blue-Eyed Devil    Robert B. Parker 2010 Western novel.

Antic Hay    Aldous Huxley 1923 Novel about post WWI English generation. Good.
Goodbye to Berlin    Christopher Isherwood 1939 The origin material of Cabaret. Good.
Tale of Two Cities    Charles Dickens 1859 Classic but didn't like.
Monet's Cathedral:Rouen 1892-1894   Joachin Pissarro 1990 Large format book, feast for the eyes and good text..
One Shot    Lee Child 2005 Airplane read. Terrible.
Poodle Springs    Raymond Chandler/Robert Parker 1989 Read more like Parker than Chandler.
Rabbit Run     John Updike 1960 Interesting. A look at the 50's and early 60's, also.
Clouds    Aristophanes 400 BC Great.
A Man Called Destruction    Holly George-Warren 2014 Life and music of Alex Chilton. Good.
Crime and Punishment     Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1866 Classic, but didn't enjoy.

A Moveable Feast    Ernest Hemingway 1964 Great.
World War II Diary of Frank Lovell    Frank Lovell 1945 A book made out of my father's diary by Mary Lovell.
A Reader's Manifesto    B.R. Myers 2002 A hoot. - "An attack on the growing pretentiousness in American literary prose."
El Topo: A book of the Film    Alexandro Jodorowsky 1971 Script of the film and interview with Alexandro. Wild stuff .
Modern American Poetry 1965-1950     Shucard/Moramarco/Sullivan 1989 Excellent. Perfect balance of biography and analysis .
Conversations with Kennedy    Benjamin C. Bradlee   1975   Flashback - Reading about Kennedy after a long time.
Zombie    Joyce Carol Oates 1995 In the mind of the killer story but done by noted author.
Ecclesiazusae     Aristophanes 400 BC Alright.
Inward Journey    Marc J. Seifer 2003 Acted as review of psychology and philosophy principles and personalities .
The Moviegoer    Walker Perry 1961 Existentialist themes. Didn't like. .

Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be    Jen Trynin 2005 Story of Boston indie rocker circa 1995.
American Gothic    Thomas Hoving 2005 The whole story of Grant Woods masterpiece.
The Atomic Times     Michael Harris 2005 Stories from the H-bomb testing site in the Pacific 1950-55.
The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright     Thomas A. Heinz 2002 Photos of most houses.
Steady Rollin'    Bob Margolin 2009 Stories of Blues/Freeborne guitarist.
Marcel Proust:A Biography Vol.1   George D. Painter 1959 Detailed bio. Good.
Vineyard Prey     Philip R. Craig 2005 Murder mystery on Martha's Vineyard .
Strange Days; My Life with and without Jim Morrison    Patricia Kennealy 1992 Good.
Play On: Power Pop Heroes Vol. 1     Ken Sharp 2014 Newer and informative interviews of Power Pop bands.
Rouge Island     Bruce DeSilva 2010 Mystery novel set in Providence, RI.

The Complete Works of Francois Villon     Notes by A. Bonner 1456 Funny, satiric and bawdy verse that are
   heavily footnoted and those footnotes are snappy too.

Shakespeare: Modern Essays in Criticism     Ed by L.F. Dean 1961 Excellent.

Short stories/plays or books I didn't give full attention to.

Bleeding Edge Wiki   Web Wiki 2014  Read in conjunction with book
Adieu    Honore de Balzac 1830   Short story/kindle read
Westerly   Joseph Soares   2006 Photo book
Matisse in Nice    Xavier Girard 1996 Short. Good.
Sophie's Choice William Styron 1976 Audio book. Only listened to a third of it.
Hosting Tips e-book 2012
101 Auction Secrets Revealed Tim Campbell 2002 E-book.
The Life and Legacy of John Paul II Unlisted 2013 Free e-book.
The Hidden Masterpiece Honore de Balzac Short story.
Ten Thousand Saints Eleanor Henderson 2011 Didn't like but it had NYC Hardcore scene as a backdrop.

Shelley Percy Byshe Shelley 1792-1822 Selection of poems.
1968-1969 Film Review Ed by F.M. Speed 2010 Major films of the year.
1967-1968 Film Review Ed by F.M. Speed 2010 Major films of the year.
Cinema of Mystery    Rose London     1975    Movies of Edgar Allen Poe
Fallingwater - Romance with Nature    Kbda S, Waggiber    1996     Always fascinated by this.
Photography Year 1973    Time/Life books 1973 Coffee table book .
1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips    Bob McElwain 1999 Ebook. A lot out of date or for commercial sites.
Accidental Flight Floyd Wallace 1973 Sci Fi story of freaks in future society.
Selected Poems: Alexander Pope    Alexander Pope The heroic couplet. Didn't give it enough time to fully explore and understand.
A Simple Heart    Gustave Flaubert   1960 Short story.

Cliff notes to Crime and Punishment
James Joyce/Finnegans Wake - A Symposium    Various 1929 Good.
Acharnians    Aristophanes 400 BC Short.
Poetry Magazine     Various 2007
Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine    Various 10/89 40 Anniversary issue.

Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty
By Tim Sandlin

Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty Just the title would make me want to pick this up but I also read about it in Nick Hornby's book of reviews Ten Years in the Tub.

    In the year 2022 Hendrix would have turned eighty. The book is about that year. A nursing home in California is populated by all hard core hippies. They still do drugs and have group sex, and argue who the first lead guitarist for Blue Cheer is. All this is very funny.

   Mistreatment by the staff in the form of over medication and misdiagnosis leads the hippies to stage a revolt a la 1967. You get the humor and some serious points on nursing homes. It's not high literature but it has the right tone and believable hippie behavior.

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