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Book List 2013

150 books this year. I read them in this order.

The Merchant of Venice     Shakespeare     1600     A reread for me.
Alpha and Omega     Charles Siefe     2003     Science of the beginning and end of the universe. Very Good.
Selected Poems of Bertolt Brecht     Ed by H.R. Hayes     1947    Lots of politics - not surprisingly.
Fail  Dave Morrison  2012  I love Dave's voice.
Blues Guitar Heroes    Guitarist Magazine    2010    Interviews of over 50 blues guitarists.
Our Front Pages    The Onion    2009    Funny. Material from 1988 to 2008.
Red Run    Rob Cornell    2010    Horrible novel I got for free to test my new Kindle.
Peril At End House    Agatha Christie    1932    Bad.
Where Have You Been  Sid Caesar  1982  Autobiography. Good.
Off Season  Philip Craig  1994  Martha's Vineyard Mystery.

Comedy Thesaurus  Ed by Judy Brown  2005  3241 quips, quotes and smartass remarks.
The Holy Terrors  Jean Cocteau  1926  I fell under the spell of this classic (Les Enfants Terribles).
Tender is the Night  F. Scott Fitzgerald  1934  Liked the first third the best.
Breakfast with Socrates  Robert Rowland Smith  2009  Psychology and sociology in everyday life.
Modern Business Mathematics  Wallace W. Kravitz  1975  I didn't study this but got the principles out of it. .
Beethoven  George Alexander Fisher  1905  Bio - good. Kindle read.
The Interpretation of Murder   Jed Rubenfeld   2006   Murder mystery in NYC with Freud in 1906.
Roman Fever and Other Stories   Edith Wharton  1930 Good. 1/26
The Sorrows of Young Werther   Wolfgang von Goethe   1774   The greatest depressing book ever. Kindle.
The Heart of the Sea   Nathaniel Philbrick  2000   Story of the whale ship ESSEX that inspired the story of Moby Dick..

The Czar of Fear   Kenneth Robeson  1933 Pulp novel - Kindle read.
A History of Modern Music Paul Collaer 1961 Concentrated, insightful analysis.
The Story of Art E.H. Gombrich 1967 Very good writing.
Widow's Walk Robert B. Parker 2002 Spenser novel.
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte 1847 Did not like.
Despair: A moment or a Way of Life? C. Stephen Evans 1973 Clear explanation of existentialism and its literature by non-believer.
In the Deco Style Klein/McClelland/Haslam 1986 Coffee table book.
The American Journalist Loren Ghiglione 1990 Dated already. Some colorful history of early journalism.
Treasury of American Verse Ed: John G. Brunini 1953 Wide variety of verse of varying quality with subjects reflecting
    the concerns of Americans like the Civil War.
My Ideal Bookshelf Mont/LaForce 2012 Lists of what other people are reading.

Illness as a Metaphor Susan Sontag 1978 Powerful exploration of the theme. Makes you aware of the prominent problem.
Towards Zero Agatha Christie 1944 Mystery, entertaining enough..
Genome Matt Ridley 1999 Information and ramifications of the mapping of the human genome .
Nightfall David Goodis 1947 Crime novel.
Michelangelo Antonioni Seymour Chatman 2008 Life, career and film analysis of Antonioni.
Bad Lucky Number Clement R. Beaulieu 2012 Self-published novel set in New Bedford, Ma in 1930.
Glimpses of the Moon Edith Wharton 1922 Novel showing the lives of the rich in the 1920's.
Thomas Pynchon Judith Chambers 1992 Helpful, in-depth analysis of Pynchon.
Black Mass Dick Lehr/G. O'Neil 2000 Finally getting the whole Whitey story.
The Lost City of Z David Grann 2005 Shows the dangers of the Amazon and the tenacity of the explorers.

Fermata Nicholson Baker 1994 Sex obsessed man is able to stop time - erotic adventures ensue
Throwbacks James Bobrick 2005 Poems from a New Bedford poet. Excellent.
Within a Budding Grove Marcel Proust 1919 Classic, superior and captivating.
The Theater and Its Double Antonin Artaud 1938 Manifestos and high minded revolutionary retoric aimed at he theater. Provocative.
Endpoint John Updike 2009 Final book. Poetry. Touching.
The Day it Rained Forever Ray Bradbury 1959 Didn't like much. Short Sci-Fi stories.
Why We Make Mistakes Joseph Hallinan 2009 Lots of warnings to heed and lessons to learn in this.
Leaving Rock Harbor Rebecca Chase 2010 Fiction. Uses New Bedford mills in the 1900's as background.
The Birds Aristophanes 414 BC Classic. Snappy for something from BC.
Happy Days Samuel Beckett 1961  Bare. Funny. Like all Beckett.

Slow Learner   Thomas Pynchon   1984   5 short stories from the 60's. Intro by Pynchon is revealing.
The Phenomenon of Man   Teilhard de Chardin   1959   Thought provoking. Evolution theory concerning the rise of consciousness
    in man and its future direction.
The Collected Short Plays of Samuel Becket   Samuel Beckett   1984   Bleak. Controlled. Bare. Getting idea of what he's doing. Good intro.
Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera   Victor Appleton   1912   Mentioned in Pynchon short story.
True Compass   Ted Kennedy   2009    Auto-bio steeped in history. Very good. I liked the inside look at major political figures of our times.
Frame by Frame   Sebastian Smee   2013   A collection of Globe columns of appreciations of local paintings.
If I Live to be 100   Neenah Ellis   2004    Stories of people who lived to be 100; not revealing enough. Disappointing.
Realm of Algebra     Isaac Asimov     1961     Explains the primary theories of algebra.
Ocean Voices    Ed. by Everett Hoagland    2012    Poems with the ocean as the subject.
Lollipop Lounge     Genya Ravan   2004   Very satisfying auto-bio. Gritty and colorful.

The James Joyce Murder     Amanda Cross     1967     Refers to Joyce scholarship - but a terrible book.
The Modern Temper    Joseph Wood Krutch    1929     Super critical extistential essays. Very sharp. Liked it immensely.
Death on a Vineyard Beach    Philip R. Craig    1996     Good mystery.
The Widening Gyre   Robert B. Parker   1983   Spenser novel.
Nature and Man's Fate    Garrett Hardin    1959     How evolution works. Excellent.
Elvis, Jesus and Coca Cola Kinky Friedman    1993    Very entertaining mystery novel.
Kinds of Minds    Daniel C. Dennett    1996    Comedy Ins and outs of human consciousness and the differences with minds of animals.
The Innocence of Father Brown     G.K. Chesterton    1911     Didn't like, too farfetched.
Miracle at Midway    Gordon W. Prange    1982     Got the general gist of the battle from this.
Walking Shadow    Robert B. Parker    1994     Spencer novel.

You Kant Make it Up    Gary Harden    2011     Good. Lighthearted look at some philosophical problems.
Three Essays on America    Van Wyck Brooks1915-21 Essays that look at literary America - bleak at the time. Good.
The Beach Boys and the California Myth    David Leaf Myrick 1978 Very good story and photos. Good detail.
Fifth Avenue    Sam Wasson 2010 Liked. The story around Breakfast at Tiffany's -the movie. Light read.
No Easy Day    Mark Owen 2012 Seal operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.
The White Album    Joan Didion 1979 Discerning essays on America in the 60's and 70's.
How Philosophy Can Save Your Life    Marietta McCarthy 2009 Sort of an exercise book to put philosophy into your everyday life. Good.
Samuel Beckett; A Critical Study    Hugh Kenner 1961 Excellent.
The Sound and the Fury    William Faulkner 1929 There's a lot to this but it left me cold. I could not relate to any character or situation.
20th Century Interpretation of the Sound and the Fury     Ed. Michael Cowen 1968 Collection of critical essays

Travel Unscripted    Mark Murphy 2012 So-so as a travel book but a new experience having video part of the e-book format.
Aging Gracefully    Robert Barasch 2002 VT poet. Liked it.
The Sea Around Us    Rachel Carson 1951/61 The Physics and biology of the sea. Great. I was engrossed.
A Shoot on Martha's Vineyard    Philip R. Craig 1998 Mystery
The Immoralist    Andre Gide 1930 Man rebels against societies morals. Subtle prose.
New York Hardcore 1986-1993    David Koenig 2009 ebook - inside look at NYC hardcore at CBGB's and elsewhere.
Long Walk to Freedom    Nelson mandela 2006 Good to be reminded of the struggles and the politics of Nelson Mandela's life.
    He died 5 months after I read this.
Magic of Public Speaking     Andrii Sedniev 1995 Good lessons of Public speaking. Usefull tips. E-book.
In Search of Captain Zero    Allan C. Weisbecker 2001 Stories from a surfer - too much was drug oriented.
The Year's Best SF #5    Various 2000 Liked about a third of the stories.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man     James Joyce 1916 Classic.
Abigail Adams: An American Woman    Charles W. Akers 1980 Excellent. Amazing woman with interesting life showing society in early America.
The Seventh Solitude    Ralph Harper 1965 Subtitled; Metaphysical Homelessness in Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche .
    This was a Christian critic of Existentialism but had sharp insights into Dostoevsky and Proust.
Plato: Defense of Socrates; Euthyphro and Crito    Plato 400 BC Modern translation by Oxford Press.
On Photography    Susan Sontag 1977 Classic essays. Great.
Concepts of Modern Art     Ed. by Nikos Stangos 1981 Analysis of art movements since Impressionism.
Jazz Masters of the Forties    Ira Gitler 1966 Inside analysis of the golden age of jazz. Scene and players and recordings.
How Music Works    David Byrne 2013 Very interesting musings on the founding principles of music as an entity and how it
    affects us and works as a business and art. Useful info.
When That Rough God Goes Riding     Greil Marcus 2010 Appreciation of Van Morrison.
Kandinsky    Francois Le Targat 1986 Art book. Bio and 125 plates. Good text.

The Sculptor's Eye    Greenberg/Jordan 1993 Explanations of modern sculpture.
First Light    Craig/Tapply Bloom 2002 Mystery novel.
Everything that Rises: A book of Convergences    Lawrence Weschler 2006 Similarities between disparate pictures and ideas.
We Killed     Yael Kohen 2012 Story of Women in American Comedy. Done interview style. Had inside tales and new views.
The Last of the Mohigans     James Fenimore Cooper 1826 Both good and bad things in this.
Night Passage    Robert B. Parker 1997 First Jessie Stone novel.
Captain Beefheart    Mike Barnes 2011 Glad to finally get all the background facts in the Beefheart career.
One Two Three Infinity     George Gamov 1961 Great. Explores various theories.
Hollywood Stories    Stephen Schochet 2010 Book of short anecdotes. Free e-book. Don't know why I read this gossipy book.
My Love Affair with Modern Art     Katharine Kuh 2006 Curator of Art at the Art Institute of Chicago interacts with modern artists.
   Great. Rothko, Hopper, Leger stories.

Farewell Waltz     Milan Kundera 1973 Good but not one of my favorites from Kundera.
Potshot     Robert B. Parker 2001 Spenser novel.
Talk Show     Dick Cavett 2010 Collection of NY times articles . I love his dry humor.
Madame Bovary     Gustave Flaubert 1857 Classic
Next Big Thing     Terry Kitchen 2013 Set in the Boston Rock scene 1982-86.
The Alchemist     Paulo Coelho 1993 Supposed to be inspiring and magical but it all fell flat on me.
Physics of the Future     Michio Kaku 2011 Very Good. Window into how science will affect us in the future. Audiobook.
Point Omega    Don DeLillo 2010 Short book with a big punch.
Why Socrates Died     Robin Waterfield 2009 Fascinating look at Athens and it's people
Pictures of the Mind     Miriam Bloeyn-Fitzgerald 2010 Advances in neuroscience.

Twelve Tomorrows     Various 2013 12 Sci Fi stories from MIT Tech Reviews
The Disintegration of Form in the Arts     Erich Kahler 1967 He hates the Avant Garde. Looks like an example of the generation gap circa 1967.
Back Story     Robert B. Parker2004 Spencer novel.
My Anecdotal Life     Carl Reiner 2003 Short memoir. Nice.
Adrift     Steven Callahan 1986 76 days at sea. Gripping story of survival
Everyman     Philip Roth 2006 Very good. About the end of life.
The Warden     Anthony Trollope 1855 e-book. Good satire and characters.
Godzilla Attacks!     Barry Goldberg 1996 Lots of local color as Godzilla attacks Boston. Fun.
Portraits     Michael Kimmelman 1998 Excellent. Living artists commenting on art in the MET.
The Meaning of it All     Richard P. Feynman 1963 Lectures on Ethics and Religion as a scientist sees it.

How to Travel with a Salmon (and other essays)     Umberto Eco 1994 Newspaper columns . Funny to see his intellect funneled
    into amusing short pieces.
A Grief Observed     C.S. Lewis 1961 Great. Thoughts on grief after the death of his wife.
Deadeye Dick    Kurt Vonnegut 1982 Not my favorite Vonnegut
Marcel Duchamp     Gloria Maure 1988 Good overall view of Duchamp's works.
Eats, Shoots and Leaves     Lynne Truss 2006 Breezy lighthearted look at punctuation - fun.
City of Poets     Ed by DiVeechio 1994 I found these close to home poets interesting.
Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer     Arthur Schopenhauer 1840 Not philosophy but observations of human nature as guides for living.
The Man Who Shook the Earth     Kenneth Robeson 1934 Doc Savage Pulp novel.
The Wasps    Aristophanes 422 BC Amazing. Ties in with other books I've read this year on Athens.
The Edge of Tomorrow     Isaac Asimov 1985 Combines fiction and non-fiction. All with Asimov's clear vision and intellect.

Frank Lloyd Wright: year by year     Iain Thomson 1914 Loved this overall review of Wright's life and work.
Against Nature     Joris-Karl Huysmans 1884 Unusual book. Antihero and aesthete closes himself off. Literature and art of
    1800's France reviewed in effect.
Boston Noir     Ed by Dennis Lehane 2003 Entertaining.
Laura     Vera Caspary 1942 Novel the film was made, has the same qualities as film.
Nerves     Lester Del Rey 1956 Sci Fi. Bad, dated, far-fetched.
The Almanac of Quotable Quotes from 1990     Ed ronald Pasquariello 1991 Surprisingly good.
On Moral Fiction     John Gardner 1977 Crusty gent but makes good arguments.
Thin Air     Robert B. Parker1995 Spencer novel.
The Selfish Gene     Richard Dawkins 1976/89 Conceived the concept of MEME and coined the word. Excellent.
Wolf Moon     Jean Pedrick 1974 Poetry.
Pere Goriot    Honore Balzac 1834 Classic.

Short stories/plays or books I didn't give full attention to.

Pension Beaurepas   Henry James 1879  Short story. Free e-book.
Prometheus Bound  Aeschylus   350 BC   Kindle read.
Iphigenia at Aulis/Iphigenia at Tauris   Euripides   400 BC Kindle read.
The Influence of Emerson William R. Thayer 1886 Book owned by W. Whitman - Kindle read.
The Day the Earth Stood Still Harry Bates 1940 Short story. Interesting to see the origins of the film.
Sarrasine Honore de Balzac 1830 Short story. Good.
Cost of Living Robert Sheckley 1952 SCI-Fi short story about literaly mortgaging the next generation. Free e-book.
American Music Annie Leibowitz 2003 Photos with essays by P. Smith/S. Earle and more. .
This is a Book Demetri Martin 2011 Lightly amusing.
A to Z about RSS Unknown 2013 Free e-book.

Design Your Imagination Unknown 2010 Computer info. Free e-book
I Ought to be in Pictures    Neil Simon     1980    Play - so so.
SEO    Adam Clarke    2013     Good. SEO strategies.
The Great Houdini    B. WIlliams/S.Epstein 1951 Young adult book. Short bio.
2BR02B    Kurt Vonnegut 1962 Short story about results of population control.
Accidental Flight Floyd Wallace 1973 Sci Fi story of freaks in future society.
Our Town    Thornton Wilder 1938 Classic
Sound and the Fury Cliffnotes    Unknown 1960 Cliffnotes
Astounding Stories    Various 1931 Very Sci Fi Magazine. Free e-book.
A Bad Business    Anton Chekhov ??? Short Story.

The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things    George Kubler 19?? Quit halfway. Wasn't getting much out of it.
NY in the Forties     Andreas Feininger1978 Photos.
The Perfect Day    Ed by Sam George 2001 40 years of Surfer Magazine
Paul Klee    Robert Short 40 Color Plates
The Toughest Show on Earth     Joseph Volpe 2006 Manager of the MET Opera tells all.
Madame Bovary     Cliffnotes.
The Brass Grill Brouhaha     Adrian Blevins 2003 Poetry. Funneled lots of her troubles into these poems - I didn't want to hear it.
Aristotle     Paul Strathern 2003 Audiobook. Short.
Beginnings in Poetry     William J. Martz 1965 Did not like selection.
Modigliani     Jacques Lipchitz 1954 Small art book.

The Electric Guitar     Freeth/Alexander 1914 Coffee table book.
The Rules of Life     Richard Templer 2010 Common sense guidelines. Free e-book.

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