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Book List 2012

I read them in this order.
A lot this year. I surprised myself.

The American Experience: Poetry     Ed by - Smith/Corbin/Ebbs     1968     Excellent overview.
The Tomb     F. Paul Wilson     1984     Modern Pulp novel. I didn't know anyone was writing this way anymore.
The American Experience: Non Fiction     Ed by - Smith/Corbin/Ebbs     1968    Excellent overview of American writers including: Lincoln, Steinbeck, Twain, Buchwald and Poe
The Mysteries of Pittsburg  Michael Chabon  1988  Novel. I didn't like it but I had been to Pittsburg so I gave it a try.
Reflections of New York    Pamela Thomas    1991    Coffee table book on NY with Photos by Karen Kent.
Mother Night    Kurt Vonnegut    1961    Very good.
Modern Drama, Poetry and Essays    Ed by Maline and Berkley    1967    Marty, Glass Menagerie, Frost and Swartz.
The Numerati    Stephen Baker    2008    How computer information gathering is affecting our lives.
The Romantics and the Victorians  Ed by Francis Camilla  1961  Poetry by Burns, Shelley, Keats, M. Arnold, Browning and Tennyson.
A Pictorial History of Radio  Irving Settel  1967  The concise text was full of info.

Painted Ladies  Robert B. Parker  2010  Spenser novel.
The Dying Animal  Philip Roth  2001  Good.
The Limits of Vision  Robert Irwin  1986  Housewife has mental breakdown because of OCD with dirt. Unusual novel refers to Darwin/Blake/DaVinci.
Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia  Michael Korda  2010  Fantastic bio.
Slowness   Milan Kundera 1995  Novel. Good.
One Kind of Traitor  John Le Carre  2010  Spy novel.
Discovering the American Past- A look at The Evidence  Wheeler and Becker  1994  Looks at the Boston Massacre, Mill workers, slavery and Mexican war.
Broken Summers  Henry Rollins   2004   Righteous rants by the Spartan rocker. Good.
Murder Melody   Kenneth Robeson   1935   Pulp novel/Doc Savage
Macbeth   William Shakespeare   1600 Classic.

The End of the Poem   Paul Muldoon   2006   Plentiful insights and deep analysis in these close readings of 15 poems.
Queen: In Their Own Words   Mick St. Michael   1992   Rock group picture book and bio.
The Westies   T.J. English   1990 Tales of the Irish Mob in NYC in late 70's early 80's. Gruesome killings.
The Blessings of Liberty Peck and Pollock 1988 Lectures from the National Archives about the Constitution.
Turing's Cathedral George Dyson 2012 The first computers and lots about John von Neumann and IAS at Princetown NJ.
King Lear William Shakespeare 1600 As I grow older I pay attention to this play.
According to the Rolling Stones Ed by Lowenstein and Dodd 2003 Lots of pictures. Text is all quotes from band members. Good.
Roman Polanski F.X. Feeney 2006 Great pictures and good text.
Existentialism - A Casebook on Existentialism William V. Spanos 1966 Excellent: literature, commentary Philosophy and criticism.
Cosmicomics Italo Calvino 1965 Imaginative tales based on the science of the creation of the universe.

Guitar Heaven Neville Marten 2007 A review of electric guitar models.
The Great Book of French Impressionism Horst Keller 1982 Coffee table book with large color plates.
The Beatles: The True Beginnings Roag, Pete and Rory Best 2003 About the Casbah Club and Mona Best.
The Two Lolitas Michael Maar 2005 Investigating the origins of Nabokov's Lolita.
God and the New Physics Paul Davies 1984 Many hard concepts explained in a clear way.
Rock: Guitar Heroes Various 2011 Interview and profiles of 100 guitarists.
The American Mercury Reader Ed by Spivak and Angoff 1944 First rate stories by Faulkner, Mencken and Fitzgerald.
Comedy at the Edge Richard Zoglin 2008 The story of stand-up comedy of the 70's.
Sein Language Jerry Seinfeld 1993 His stand up material, mostly.
Delacroix Phoebe Pool 1987 Bio and pictures.

The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea Philip R. Craig 1991 Murder mystery set on Martha's Vineyard.
Curious Moments Hendrik Neubauer 2006 700 photos form 1920-60. Human interest and lesser moments even while wars are going on.
Bad Business Robert R. Parke 2004 Spenser mystery.
Photographic Seeing Andres Feininger 1973 Explaining the art of photography.
The Glen Campbell Story Freda Kramer 1970 Short celebrity bio.
Nothing's Sacred Lewis Black 2005 Didn't like. Obvious observations.
How The Web Was Won Paul Andrews 1999 The workings of Microsoft and Bill Gates.
King Philip's War James D. Drake 1999 The author calls it a 'civil war' in New England 1675-76. Very interesting.
The Street of Clocks Thoas Lux 2003 Poems.
Pure Drivel Steve Martin 1998 Funny.

Doubleshot Raymond Benson 2000 Bond adventure - didn't like.
A Pocketbook of Poems: Robert Frost Ed by Louis Untermeyer 1960 Very good.
LL Bean - The Making of an American Icon Leon Gorman 2006 The story of the clothing company. Good.
Napalm and Silly Putty George Carlin 2001 Funny and extremely acerbic.
Rainer Maria Rilke - Selected Poems Ed by C.F. MacIntyre 1968 Good.
Shakespeare's Progress Frank O'Connor 1960 Part bio and part critical study. A lot of detail in a small book. Very good.
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 2011 Great.
On Knowing - Essays for the Left Hand Jerome S. Brunner 1965 10 essays. Wide ranging with deep moments. Concerned art, creating, learning and knowing.
Temple of Gold William Goldman 1957 Coming of age novel. Didn't like.
Images of a Golden Past Christopher Brown  2004  Dutch genre painting of the 17th century. Good.

All The Pope's Men   John L. Allen Jr.   2004   Inside story of Vatican policy making.
The Beats   Harvey Pekar - more   2009   A graphic history of the beatniks.
The Butcher's Boy   Thomas Perry   1982   Novel. Suspense/thriller.
Modern Poets   Corso/Felinghetti/Ginsberg   1963   Included: Corso/Ferlingehtti/Ginsberg
The Double Minded Men   Philip R. Craig   1993   Martha's Vinyard mystery.
SCUM Manifesto   Valerie Solanas (intro by Avital Ronell)   1967/2004   Quite a read. Manifesto is an over the top sick screed. The intro gives it philosophical attention and that is hilarious.
Enjoying Modern Art   Sarah Newmeyer   1955    Very good.
Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years     Patrick Humphries     1988     So so.
Tristan anad Iseult    Retold by Joseph Bedier    1943    Full telling of the legend that is used in operas etc.
Black Orpheus     Jean Paul Sartre   1948   Well known essay.

The Professional     Robert B. Parker     2009    Spenser novel.
Fruits of the Poisonous Tree    Archer Mayor    1994    Mystery novel set in Brattleboro VT.
The Spirit Level    Seamus Heaney    1996    Poems - very good.
Mathematics in Fun and in Earnest    Nathan A. Court    1961    The philosophy of math. Fun? Maybe for Euclid.
State of Blessed Gluttony   Susan Thomas   2004   Poetry.
Legends of the American Desert    Alex Shoumatoff    1997    History and culture of the Southwest.
The Marble Mask    Archer Mayor    2007    Mystery novel set in Brattleboro VT.
Howl - A Graphic Novel Allen Ginsberg - Animated by Eric Drooker    1956/2010    Didn't like the graphics that much.
The Big Book of New American Humor    Novak/Waldoks    1990    Comedy from 1965 to 1990.
I Met the Walrus    Jerry Levitan    2009    Teenager from Toronto interviews John Lennon.

Doing Our Own Thing    John McWhorter    2003    The degradation of English and music. Well written. Many entertaining examples.
Handel    Percy M. Young    1962    Part bio and part musicology. Loved it.
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe    Agatha Christie    1940    Poirot mystery.
The Last Tycoon    F.Scott Fitzgerald 1941 His last unfinished novel. Very good.
Sound and Sense Laurence Perrine 1973 Collection of Poetry. A reread for me.
The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky    Alejandro Jodorowsky 2005 Amazing stories but you can't believe anything is true. Jumble of mysticism, psychology and Zen.
Feynman    Ottaviani and Myrick 2011 Graphic novel bio of Feynman. Not big on this, rather read the source material, some of which I have.
The Magnificent Ambersons    Booth Tarkington 1918 Liked some facets of this and disliked others.
Cliff Hanger    Phipip R. Craig 1993 Mystery.
First Love    Ivan Turgenev 1860 Short novel.

Devil at My Heels    Louis Zamperini 2003/20011 Remarkable true story of an Olympia and POW. WWII memoir.
Sleeping Murder    Agatha Christie 1976 Fast Read.
Magic House of Numbers    Irving Adler 1957 Enjoyable book of number tricks.
A World Without Us    Alan Weisman 2007 Audio book. Lots of ecological concerns in pre and post-world without humans.
Blink    Malcom Gladwell 2005 Pop psychology. I don't buy it all.
The Function of Criticism    Yvor Winters 1957 This guy is harsh. Finds fault even with Shakespeare.
The A to Z of Astronomy    Patrick Moore 1976 Good review of the basic principles of Astronomy.
13 At Diner    Agatha Christie 1933 Poirot mustery.
Film Music: A Neglected Art    Roy M. Prendergast 1941 Very good. Overview with musical examples.
V is for Vengence    Sue Grafton 2011 Mystery.

Hitman    David Foster 2008 Fast gossipy bio of music producer/writer. Involved with Celine Dion, Groban, Houston, Jackson, Striesand, Buble.
Outlaw Blues    Paul Williams 1969 Rock analysis from the middle of the creative vortex of the late sixtes.
Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance    Robert M. Pirsig 1974 Didn't like this. Audio book.
The Touchstone    Edith Wharton 1900 Wharton's first novel.
Best Music Writing 2006    M. Gaitskill - ed. 2006 Very worthwhile. Engaging/funny/informative.
The Forgotten 500    Gregory A. Freeman 2007 WWII rescue mission in Yugoslavia.
Playing With Infinity    Rozsa Peter 1957 Deals with basic math concepts. Very good.
People of the Book    Geraldine Brooks 2008 Historical fiction - did not like.
The Wrecking Crew    Kent Harrtman 2012 Loved this look at the studio musicians of the 60's and 70's.
High Profile    Robert B. Parker 2007 Jessie Stone mystery.

Music of the Baroque    Edith Borroff 1970 Many musical examples to play. Dry but good.
Faithful Place    Tana French 2010 Murder Mystery with Irish Setting.
From Bauhaus to our House    Tom Wolfe 1981 Boy, he hates the Bauhaus.
Where Shall Wisdon Be Found    Harold Bloom 2004 Talks about great writers though the ages. Plato/Homer/Shakespeare/Cervantes/Goethe
Everything Belongs    Richard Rohr 1999 He throws Zen ideas into western Religion, focusing on contemplative prayer.
The Mysterious Affair at Styles    Agatha Christie 1920 Poirot mystery.
The Non-Designer's Design Book    Robin Williams 2004 Very useful info.
Little Black Book Of Stories    A.S. Byatt 2003 Fiction, short stories. I didn't like.
All Our Yesterdays    Robert B. Parker1994 Novel.
A Boy's Will and North of Boston    Robert Frost 1914 His first two collections.

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