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Book List 2011

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I read them in this order.

Dot Bomb J. David Kuo 1999 The story of Value America an internet company circa 1999 run by a big ego Craig Winn. Very good.
Tinkers Paul Harding 2009 Austere, bleak. It digs deep. Won Pulitzer Prize.
1000 Years of Drawing Anthony Bertram 1966 Bertram is a superb guide/teacher.
Cosmopolis Don DeLillo 2003 I didn‘t connect with the story but this is going to be a movie.
Home Ed by Stan Tymorek 2003 A collection of poetry and art celebrating the idea of the HOME.
The Relaxation Response Herbert Benson MD 1975 Small book that was big in its day, about meditation bringing good health
T is for Trespass Sue Grafton 2007 Mystery.
Placing Words: Symbols, Space and the City William J Michell 2011 Cutting edge essays by MIT smarty pants.
A Savage Place Robert B. Parker 1981 A Spenser mystery. Snappy dialogue - fast read.
The Immense Journey Loren Eiseley 1946 Musings on nature and the nature of man.

Journey Without Maps Graham Greene 1936 Greene travels through Liberia.
The Lab David Edwards 2010 Creativity and culture intersecting with art and science.
The Liar’s Diary Patry Francis 2007 Local mystery writer.
Sea Change Robert B. Parker 2006 A Stone mystery. Fast read.
Eugenie Grandet Honore de Balzac 1833 Captures the human condition. Great.
Take Five D. Keith Mano 1982 To some a lost classic. It was entertaining with some smart satire
Descartes A.C. Grayling 2005 A bio of Descartes and a look at life in the 1600‘s.
Rhythm and Bruise Luther Mac Neal 2007 A rock and roll mystery actually written by Dave Morrison.
A Giacometti Portrait James Lord 1965 An interesting story of Giacometti’s process of doing a portrait
Music in Words Trevor Herbert 2009 Rule book on music writing - thought it might help me - but not really.

Ontario’s Niagara Parks George A. Seibel 1991 Story of the area around the Falls.
Oscar Wilde and the Death of No Importance Gyles Brandreth 2007 Oscar Wilde as detective.
Before and After Socrates F.M. Cornford 1932 Short, concise and clear. Excellent.
How to Read a Film James Monaco 2009 Comprehensive look at the media from several angles.
Final Theory Mark Alpert 2008 Thriller using the Unified Field Theory as a plot motivator.
Lanterns and Lances James Thurber 1961 Amusing.
Encounters with Stravinsky Paul Horgan 1972 A look at Stravinsky‘s personal life.
Contemporary American Poetry. Ed by Donald Hall 1965 Most passed me by, not a good selection for me.
In the Graveyard of Empires Seth G. Jones 2010 About Afghanistan. That is one screwed up area.
Get Thee to a Punnery Richard Lederer 1988 A book on punning.

Dark Tide Stephen Puleo 2003 The great Boston molasses flood of 1919.
Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison Jim Morrison 1988 It’s always quarter to the hour of the wolf in Morrison-land.
I Only Roast the Ones I Love Jeffrey Ross 2009 Some very very funny passages.
San Francisco Thrillers Ed by Miller Smith 1996 Mysteries with SF backdrop. Hammett/Thompson/scene from Vertigo.
Stranger in Paradise Robert B. Parker 2008 Jesse Stone novel - vacation read.
Faster Than the Speed of Light Joao Maqueijo 2003 Theories on the speed of light and cosmology, along with the life of scientists and how they work together. Interesting.
The Woman Who Wouldn’t Gene Wilder 2008 A very short love story.
The Uses of Literature Italo Calvino 1982 Essays. I liked some of the pointed analysis.
Profiles in Courage John F. Kennedy 1955 I‘ve read this a few times through the years.
Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language Umberto Eco 1986 I was out of my depth in this but liked the intellectual rigor of the analysis.

U is for Undertow Sue Grafton 2009 Mystery.
Lewis and Clark - The Journey of The Corps of Discovery Dayton Duncan and Ken Burnes 1997 The amazing journey.
The Sound of Poetry Robert Pinsky 1988 A clear guide by a great teacher. Short book.
Halehujah Junction John Adams 2008 Autobiography of modern American composer. His life and times.
Rickles’ Book Don Rickles and D. Ritz 2007 Funny but slight book.
A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines Janna Levin 2006 Fictional telling of the lives of K. Godel and Alan Turing.
Old Masters ED. By Herman J. Wechsler 1949 Didn’t get too much from this small book. Bad illustrations in black and white.
More of the Greatest Mysteries of All Time Ed. By Otto Penzler 1997 Rendell/Ellison/London - No, not greatest at all.
The Keys to the Street Ruth Rendell 1996 English Mystery. I didn’t like. Audio Book.
Split Image Robert B. Parker 2010 Jesse Stone mystery. Fast read.

Going to Far Tony Hendra 1987 Review of Baby Boomer humor. Perceptive and pointed. Hendra is an excellent writer.
Walk This Way Aerosmith w/Stephen Davis 1997 Auto bio of Aerosmith. Outrageous antics.
In Small Things Forgotten James Deetz 1997 Archeology of Early American Life. Very interesting.
73 Poems e.e. cummings 1963 I took this opportunity to get up to speed on this poet.
Milton Berle Milton Berle/Haskel Frankel 1974 Surprisingly raw.

Past years Booklists CLICK HERE

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