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Book List 2010

I read them in this order.

Lost Symbol Dan Brown 2009 Christmas gift. Fast Read..
Me and My Guitars Chet Atkins/Michael Cochran 2001 I enjoyed this mostly pictorial of Chet‘s axes.
Mary Vladimir Nabokov 1926 His first published novel. Good but he only gets better.
The Gardner Heist Ulrich Boser 2008 True story of the world‘s largest unresolved art theft.
A Most Wanted Man John Le Carre 2008 Christmas gift. Mystery.
Outliers Malcolm Gladwell 2008 Traits for success are analyzed. I didn’t buy a lot of this pop science.
Clark Weber’s Rock and Roll Radio:1955-75 Weber/Neal Samors 2008 Inside stories by an early rock DJ ,mainly in Chicago.
Blues and Chaos Robert Palmer 2009 Collected writings of critic Palmer.
Expressionism German Art:1905-19 Frank Whitford 1970 Clarified this area of art for me.
Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll 1872 Finally got to read. You can feel imagination actively at work in these.

Physical Geography - A Landscape Appreciation Tom L. Mc Knight/Darrel Hess 1985 A school textbook.
The Poetics of Space Gaston Bachelard 1958 The classic look at how we experience intimate space in art. Ambiguous stuff I felt ambivalent about.
A Journey of Poems Ed by R. Niebling 1964 Pope /Tennyson /Frost /Byron /Auden
100 Days in the Arena David Winter 1977 Readings from members of the early Church.
Pnin Vladimir Nabokov 1953 One of the first Nabokov books to get attention.
Field Days: Journal of an Itinerant Biologist Roger B Swain 1983 Some insights into the nature around us every day.
Candide Voltaire 1759 People suck, I get it.
The Puritan Dilemma: The Story of John Winthrop Edmunds Morgan 1999 Fascinating....really!
Duluth Gore Vidal 1983 Wacky spoof - it didn‘t work for me.
Verse: The Carpentered Hen/Telephone Poles John Updike Witty, light poetry.

Does it Matter Alan Watts 1971 Inconsistent. Some curmudgeonly sections and dated commentary.
Walking Toward Walden:A Pilgrimage in Search of Place John Hanson Mitchell 1995 Not successful, uncompelling, too many diversions and side bars.
The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde 1895 The height of wit...still/always.
Cat’s Cradle Kurt Vonnegut 1963 A satire a la Candide but more appealing to me. Great stuff.
Just Kids Patti Smith 2010 Inside look at NYC in the 70’s and a touching story of a relationship
The World of Leonardo Robert Wallace 1975 A look at the life and works.
The History of Life on Earth Jon Erickson 1995 Good review of evolutionary evidence.
The Age of Missing Information Bill Mc Kibben 1993 TV vs. Nature information overload and the environment.
Bag of Bones Stephen King 1998 Gift. Not horrible.
Identity Milan Kundera1997 Short but good.

Blonde Faith Walter Mosley 2007 Good detective novel along with the cultural of the 60’s as background.
Watching Weather Tom Murphree/Mary Miller 1998 Small book on weather.
Human Society in Ethics and Politics Bertrand Russell 1962 Dated and off the mark in ways but still some sobering thoughts.
Dead in the Vineyard Sand Philip R. Craig 2006 Detective novel. I like this series.
The Great Equations: From Pythagoras to Heisenberg Robert Crease 2008 The story behind some of the classic math equations like E=MC2.
The Second City: Unscripted Mike Thomas 2009 Inside stories on the comedy factory that pumped out scores of comedy stars.
The Mental Wizard Kenneth Robeson 1930 Doc Savage story - classic pulp.
The Art of Invention Steven Paley 2010 The creative process of discovery and design - interesting read.
Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature. Marcus du Sautoy 2008 Very interesting book that got more complicated as it went along. I didn't understand it all but loved it.
Mayhem in Mayberry:Misadventures of a PI in Southern Appalachia Brian Lee Knopp 2006 Surprisingly good. Picked this up in Ashville NC.

Dangerous Undertaking Mark de Antique 2004 Mystery set in North Carolina.
Clubland Dave Morrison 2010 Gem of a poetry book for us local rock fans. Review here.
Contemporary House Janetta Hutchinson 2004 Design tips.
Inherent Vice Thomas Pynchon 2009 Light read (for Pynchon), enjoyable
Foe J.N. Coetzee 1986 A refashioning of the Robinson Crusoe tale. The meta idea/point of what is storytelling kicks in a bit too late for it to be a success for me.
The Firmament of Time Loren Eiseley 1960 Man’s vision of nature pre/post Darwin. Excellent.
Interplay - The process of Interpersonal Communication Adler/Rosenfeld/Proctor 2004 Textbook. It’s eye opening to see the way we relate to other people, which we do unconsciously, decoded by science. Engaging.
Right of the Dial: The rise of Clear Channel and the fall of Commercial Radio. Alec Foege 2008 Thank god for non-commercial radio so we can ignore all the bull crap told here.
Schlock Value Richard Roper 2004 Breezy read.
Man Without a Country Kurt Vonnegut 2005 His last book. Full of his dark cutting satire and humor.

Stone Cold Robert Parker 2003 Jesse Stone Novel.

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