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Book List 2009

I read them in this order.

Laughter in the Dark Vladimir Nabokov 1938 Early and not fully developed Nabokov.
Collected Short Stories W. Somerset Maugham 1950 Such an appealing story teller.
The San Francisco Earthquake 1906 Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts 1971 Very interesting.
The Hits Just Keep On Coming Ben Fong-Torres 2001 A History of top 40 radio and DJ‘s .
Major American Poets Ed:Oscar Williams and Edwin Honig 1962 Including Taylor/Whitman/Crane/Auden.
Does the Center Hold? Donald Palmer 1991 An introduction to western Philosophy.
Cinderella Liberty Darryl Ponicsan 1972 The first 30 pages were great Catch 22 style antics but then degrades into a maudlin tale.
Pistonhead Thomas A. Hauck 2009 Book by Boston rocker.
Sweet David Morrison 2008 Poetry by Boston rocker.
Pynchon Notes - Spring/Fall Various 2008 Pynchon minutia. The devil is in the details with Pynchon.

War’s End Maj Gen Charles W. Sweeney USAF and Antonucci/Antonucci 1997 An eyewitness account of America‘s last atomic mission.
As You Like It Shakespeare
Blues Boy - The Life and Music of BB King Sebastian Danchin 1998
After Dark, My Sweet Jim Thompson 1955 Good trash
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers-Paul Erdos Paul Hoffman 1998 What a character this was.
Infinite Jest David Forster Wallace 1996 My second time at this was successful .
Hard to read at the beginning but full of rewards for those that finish.

In The Blink of an Eye Andrew Parker 2003 The effect of vision on evolution.
The Inner Fish Neil Shubin 2008 The 3.5 billion year history of the human being.
Gun with Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem 1950 A detective novel with Sci-Fi aspects. Some good dialogue.
Hamlet Shakespeare 2004

Mr. Monk in Outer Space Lee Goldberg 2007 What can I tell ya? I love that Monk.
Arnold Schoenberg Charles Rosen 1975 Serialism/Atonality are easier to read than to listen to for me.
A Primer of Soto Zen Reiho Masunaga 1235 It‘s calming to even read about Zen.
Chaos - Making a New Science James Gleick 1987 Very interesting read.
Le Corbusier Stephen Gardiner 1974 Overall look at the architect.
A Compact History of Infinity David Foster Wallace 2003 I bit off more than I could chew with this.

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