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Book List 2008

I read them in this order. This was not my best year of quality reading but a few good ones for sure.

To Engineer is Human Henry Petroski 1982 The role of failure in successful design.
Clapton:The Autobiography Eric Clapton 2007 He was such a big drinker and drugger that much of the bio is about that.
I would have liked more about the music side of things.

The Lost Painting Jonathan Harr 2005 The quest for a Caravaggio masterpiece.
Improvising:My Life in Music Larry Coryell 2007 A bio of the jazz guitarist with music lessons; made for me.
Winesburg,Ohio Sherwood Anderson 1919 A classic, I know, but I didnít like it.
Lost on Everest Peter Firstbrook 1999 The search for Mallory and Irvine.
Gasping for Airtime Jay Mohr 2004 Some good SNL stories.
Wonderful Tonight Patti Boyd/Penny Junor 2007 Better than Claptonís book. She writes about the 60ís experience.
Shutter Island Dennis Lehane 2003 Suspenseful gothic.
Artifacts:An Archaeologists Year in Silicon Valley Christine A Finn 2001 Not successful.

All the Moves Clive Selwood 2003 I liked the music tales from this British record producer/ad man.
Fantastic Voyage II Isaac Asimov 1987 One of my least liked efforts by Asimov.
True to Life:Why Truth Matters Michael P. Lynch 2005 Ruminations on truth. Very good - from the MIT press.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret Brian Selznick 1960 Graphic novel: Iím not big on these and this did not change my mind.
The Magic Christian Terry Southern 1960 Muddled.
Wherever You Go There You Are Jon Kabat-Zinn 1994 Good book on meditation.
The Wailing Wind Tony Hillerman 2002 Hillerman always serves up a satisfying mystery.
The Postal Age Dvid M. Henkin 2006 Some interesting things about the evolution of the post office in the US.
The Mystery of Being Gabriel Marcel 1950 A bit too elusive for me. I got this from a NYC street vendor.
Genghis Khan Jack Weatherford 2004 Good history of the Huns.

The Big Fix Roger L. Simon 1973 Interesting mystery with the detective being a hippie. A reread for me.
Dhalgren Samuel R. Delany 1974 Well liked book in its quarters but I found it unsatisfying, flat and dated.
The End of Nature Bill McKibben 1999 Dated.
Brainwashing Edward Hunter 1955 This author coined the word "brainwashing". This book is about the POWís in Korea.
Acronymania Don Hauptman 1993 Fun.
I Killed Ritch Shydner/MarkSchiff 2006 Road stories from top comics. Very funny.
Dead on the Internet Johnny Barnes 2008 Murder mystery involving MITís Media Lab.
Frydreryk Chopin William G. Atwood 1987 Very good. It focuses on his history of performances.
The Final Frontiersman James Campbell 2004 The hardest life ever in Alaskaís frontier land.
Watchmen Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons 2007 I know this is a big deal but itĎs still has the comic book conventions to me.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mohsin Hamid 2007 A good and fast read.
Where Did Our Love Go? Nelson George 1985 The story of Motown.
Mammoth Book of Privite Eye Stories ed-Bill Pronzini/Martin Greenberg. 1988 Some good stuff.
Ancient Philosophy Forrest Baird/Walter Kaufmann 2003 The classic Greek and Roman philosophers.
Monet in the 90ís Paul Hayes Tucker 1989 Very good.

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