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Book List 2007

I read them in this order. There's much less than in 2006 mainly because of Against the Day which was a large mountain to climb.

Intellect:Mind Over Matter Mortimer J Adler 1990 Meaty stuff.
Laurel Canyon Michail Walker 2006 The Inside Story of Rock and Rollís Legendary Neighborhood: My Review Here.
Heroes and Villains: The True Story of the Beach Boys Steven Gaines 1986 Thatís one screwed up group.
The Collectors David Balducci 2006 Airplane Read: very bad
Technopoly Neil Postman 1992 Tells how computers affect us. Dated but good.
Dead Aim Thomas Perry 2002 Airplane read: very bad.
Justine Lawrence Durrell 1957 If you could get drunk on words this would be 90 proof.
Scar Tissue William G. Tapply 2006 Local author.
Easter Rising Michael Patrick MacDonald 2006 Local author.My Review Here.
Against the Day Thomas Pynchon 2006 I got through it and enjoyed it a lot.

Flash Forward Robert J Sawyer 1999 Good conceptual sci-fi.
A Thousand Cranes Yasunari Kawabata 1959 I know this was supposed to be deep but I disliked it. Iím willing to admit I didnít Ďget ití.
The Taqwacores Michael Muhammad Knight 2004 Quite a book: My Review Here.
2061:Odyssey Three Arthur C. Clarke 1987 Good addition to the series.
Time in Literature Hans Meyerhoff 1960 Good analysis.
Pipe Dreams:A Surferís Journey Kelly Slater w/Jason Borte 2003 Guilty pleasure.
Glory Vladimir Nabokov 1932 Nabokov is always good.
Lionís Share Russ Lippitt 2007 Teen lit sent for review.
The Visual Dialogue Nathan Knobler 1980 Overall review of the arts.
Vineyard Blues Philip Craig 2000 Murder mystery set on MarthaĎs Vineyard.

Copenhagen Michael Frayn 1998 Play about a meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg.
The Outsiders S.E. Hinton 1967 Teen lit read to get a perspective on book #17 above.
Gentlemanly Repose Mike Rufino 2004 Funniest rock book ever: My Review Here.
Sweat: The Story of the Fleshtones Joe Bonomo 2007 Good bio: My Review Here.
Fermatís Enigma Simon Singh 1997 Excellent book on cracking Fermatís Theorem.
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Alexander McCall Smith 1998 The pits.
Foucaultís Pendulum Umberto Eco 1988 A reread for me to see if it really was as convoluted as I remembered it, it was.
John Peel Mick Wall 2004 Bio - I love even the idea of John Peel .
Nunquam Lawrence Durrell 1970 Spotty but worth it.
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe 1959 An answer to The Heart of Darkness. Good.

How to Talk About Books You Havenít Read Pierre Bayard 2007 Fun and witty but not the cliff notes for talking about the classics people might think it is.

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