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Book List 2006

I read them in this order.

The New Naked Poetry Ed by Berg+Mezey 1976 The best were Ginsburg and Bly (War Poem).
The Road Goes on Forever Philip Norman 1982 Rock and Roll essays. So-so.
Discovering Computers Ed:Shelly/Cashman/Vermaat 2005 Computer info.
Measuring The Universe Kitty Ferguson 1999 Astronomy and Physics. Good.
The DaVince Code Dan Brown 2003 Good enough mystery, but I didn't buy into the big hoop-dee-do.
700 Sundays Billy Crystal 2005 One funny guy.
Chronicles Bob Dylan 2005 Good, but for the fan only.
Her Majestyís Spymaster Stephen Budiansky Boring.
Papa John John Phillips+Terone 1986 Very Good. John lived the excessive rock 'n' roll lifestyle.
1776 David McCullough 2005 Excellent.

Speak, Memory Vladimir Nabokov 1947Autobiography of my favorite writer.
The Illusion of Immortality Corliss Lamont 1935-65 Excellent. No afterlife says Lamont...live with it.
Black Orchids Rex Stout 1942 Nero Wolfe mystery.
George Jones:Honky Tonk Legend Bob Allen 1994 I hated the guy after reading this. What a jerk.
Five California Architects Esther McCoy 1975 Mybeck, Gill, Greene+Greene, Schindler.
Mathematics: A Concise History and Philosophy W.S.Anglin 1994 Beyond me but interesting.
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Charles MacKay 1852 Classic text on economics referred to many times during the internet bubble. We never learn.
Art Today Ray Faulkner/E. Ziegfeld 1969 Overall review of the arts.
Plain And Simple: A Womanís Journey To The Amish Sue Bender 1989 Read this on my trip to Amish country. The author comes across as a carpet bagger. Very selfish.
Naked David Sedaris 1997 Very funny.

The Twisted Thing Mickey Spillane 1966 Hammer time - Spillane died this year.
Bhagavad-Gita I donít have the background to get what I should out of this.
A Fatal Vineyard Season Philip R. Craig Murder mystery on MarthaĎs Vineyard.
Inamorata Joseph Gangemi 2004 Got book on Pa vacation. Fair fiction dealing with spiritualism.
Everyday Zen Charlotte Joko Beck Good insights from a Zen teacher.
Sideswipe Charles Willeford 1987 Great fiction of the lowlife-style crook.
HTML for Dummies Tittel/Jamesd 1998 Trying to perk up the websiteÖno go.
The True Believer Eric Hoffer 1951 Thoughts of the nature of mass movements.
ĎSí is for Silence Sue Grafton 2005 Iím reading through to Ďzí.
Our Post Human Future Francis Fukuyana 2002 Consequences of the biotechnology revolution.

The Meme Machine Susan Blackmore 1999 Thoughts are like genes by replicating and overtaking our minds. Excellent.
Quattocento James McKean 2002 Fiction juggling art, music theory and time travel. Should have been better.
The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination Jacob Bronowski 1978 Lively read on biologyís influence on our thinking.
The King of Comedy Shawn Levy 1996 All the inside stuff on Jerry Lewis. Great
Sleep When Iím Dead Johnny Barnes 2004 Detective novel by ex-Boston rocker.
Do Not Go Gentle Charles Gelman 1989 A memoir of Jewish Resistance in Poland 1941-45
Notes from the Underground Fodor Dostoyevsky 1894 A depresso classic.
The Simpsons and Philosophy Irwin, Conrad, Scoble 2001 Philosophy illustrated by the cartoon. Fun way to learn.
The Fetish Alberto Moravia 1964 Epiphanies of human frailty, envy and lust. Very good.
Three Georges Perec 1996 Three short stories by the genius writer. The story The Exeter Text only has one vowel - E. What a hoot.

Reading Between The Lips Lew Golan 1995 Tottally deaf man makes it in the mainstream.
The Prince of Providence Mike Stanton 2003 The story of Mayor Buddy Cianci.
Prelude to Foundation Isaac Asimov 1988 I decided to reread this sci fi classic series.
Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov 1993
Foundation Isaac Asimov 1951
Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov 1952
Second Foundation Isaac Asimov 1953
Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov 1986
The High Window JRaymond Chandler Some Philip Marlowe.
The Blackboard Jungle Evan Hunter 1954 Juvenile delinquency seems quaint now.

Life is Elsewhere Milan Kundera 1973 Wonderful author always.
The Blues Route Hugh Merrill 1990 Blah.
Sleep Long, My Love Hillary Waugh 1959 Re-released mystery novel. Good.
Boyos Richard Marinick 2004 Gangsters in Southie? Say it isnít so.
Boston Boy Nat Hentoff 1986 Growing up with Jazz and racism in Boston.
Sphereland Dionys Burger 1965 Follow up to 1880ís Flatland. A fantasy illustrating curved space geometry.
The World As Will And Idea Authur Schoopenhauer 1818 Iím not saying I understood it all but I liked it.
The Lady In The Lake Raymond Chandler 1943 More Philip Marlowe.
Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw 1903 Itís all about that Act III
The Dutchman/The Slave LeRoi Jones 1964 Way to shake things up, LeRoi.

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