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Book List 2005

This is in the order of which I read them.
The Magus John Fowles 1965 This is my rereading of this "adolescent novel" (Fowles words), it's a mindblower when read as a teenager.
Basic Instinct Joe Eszterhas/Richard Osborne 1992 Great trash. It's the screenplay in essence.
The Fabric of the Cosmos Brian Greene 2004 String theory etc. Very good.
Bird Lives Bill Moody 1999 Jazz musician as detective.
The Leap Tom Ashbrook 2000 Globe editor gets into the internet business.
The Story of Psychology Morton Hunt 1993
The Hitchhikers’s Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams 1979 Someone gave me this so I read the whole four books. Lotsa fun.
The Restaurant At The End of the Universe Douglas Adams 1980
Life, The Universe and Everything Douglas Adams 1982
So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish Douglas Adams 1985

Blue Suede Clues Daniel Klein 2002 Elvis as a detective.
A Mystery of Errors Simon Hawke 2000 Shakespeare as detective.
Eye and Brain R.L. Gregory 1974 The Psychology of Seeing.
The Early Asimov Isaac Asimov 1972
The Mind-Body Problem Rebecca Goldstein 1983 Actual philosophy prof writes novel with philosophical points hightlighted.
The Mysteries of Udolpho Ann Radcliffe 1794…Goth classic.
Super Patriotism Michael Parenti 2004 He gives a common sense voice to liberalism.
Coloring Outside the Lines-A Punk Memoir Aimee Cooper 2002 Inside look at early LA punk scene.
Does God Exist? David Hume/Ferdinand Lundberg 1995 Don't ask me I still don't know.
Caught Inside Daniel Duane 1996 The story of a year surfing in CA.

Selected Philosophical and Methodological Papers Paul E. Meehl 1991 Impenetrable .
Baroness Elsa Irene Gammel 2003 Revealing story of a forgotten Dada artist.
American Rhapsody Joe Eszterhas 2000 Got this from buck-a-book. Dated material already about Clinton.
The Amber Room Steve Berry 2003 Horrible fiction. Airplane read.
Stealing Thunder by Peter Millar 1999 Fiction with Los Alamos as backdrop.
Salad Days Charles Romalotti 2000 Fictional life of hardcore musician. I loved it.
Infinite Dreams Joe Haldeman 1978 Sci-Fi short stories
Philosophy At 33 1/3 James F. Harris 1993 Shows philosophy through rock lyrics.
Stradivari’s Genius Toby Faber 2004 Story of Stradivarius violins.
Stranger In A Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein 1961 Rereading of sci-fi classic. This also should be read as a teenager.

Vinyl Junkies Brett Milano 2003 Book about my problems. Good job by Brett.
Grifter’s Game Lawrence Block 1961 Reprinted Hard Boiled mystery. (orig called Mona)

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