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Book List 2001

45 books this year. I read them in this order.

How Real is Real? Paul Watzlawick 1960 Newcomb's Paradox,Flatland
Morningstar Approach to Investing Andrew Leckey 1997 overview on mutuals
Beating the Street Peter Lynch 1994
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out Richard P. Feynman 1999
Pynchon Notes42-43 Various 1982 essays on Gravity's Rainbow
Devil's Code John Sandford 2000
Faithfull Marianne Faithfull/David Dalton. 1994
Catch Me If you Can Frank Abagnale 2000
Poor Miss Finch Wilkie Collins 1872
.Sophie's World Jostein Gaarder 1994

Death Before Bedtime Gore Vidal 1953 As Edgar Box
John Cage Richard Kostelanetz 1996
Bertrand Russell Problems of Philosophy 1912
With Good Reason-Informal Fallacies S. Morris Engel 1990
The Space Merchants Frederick Pohl/Kornbluth. 1981
Merchants' War Frederick Pohl 1984
Zanetta Henry Edwards/Tony Stardust: David Bowie Story 1986
M is for Malice Sue Grafton 1996
Beyond Star Trek Lawrence M. Krauss 1997
Man and Superman Bernard Shaw 1903

Patti Smith Roberta Bayley/Victor Bockris 1999
The Man Who Made The Beatles Ray Coleman 7/7 . 1989
N is for Noose Sue Grafton 1998
Selected Stories Anton Chekhov 2000
The Schirmer Inheritance Eric Ambler1953
Passage of Arms Eric Ambler1959
Journey Into Fear Eric Ambler1940
The Light Of Day Eric Ambler1962
A Coffin for Dimitrios Eric Ambler1939
Up Above The World Paul Bowles 1966

The New Music 1900-1960 Aaron Copeland 1900-1960
New Directions In American Architecture Robert A.M. Stern 1977
Breakfast At Madelines' Matt Witten 1999 Saratoga Springs backdrop
Casino Saratoga R. Austin Heaty 2000
Small Apartments Chris Miller 2001 3 day novel contest
Diary of an Unknown Jean Cocteau 1988
The Rock Musician (Musician Mag Earl Palmer 1994
Once Around the Bloch Robert Bloch 1993
Dialogues of Plato Apology Plato Crito, Phoedo, Symposium, Republic.400BC
What A Wonderful World Bob Thiele/Bob Golden 1995

Are You Ready For the Country Peter Doggett 2000
The Red And The Black Stendhal 1830
Lying Awake Mark Saltzman 2000
About Looking John Berger 1980
The Book Of Laughter and Forgetting Milan Kundera 1980


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