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Book List 2000

40 books this year. I read them in this order.

Atop the Winterwood Jack Kerouac 1999
Buddenbrooks Thomas Mann 1901 Boring, even though I know it is a classic story of three generations of middle class Germans.
A Science Fiction Reader Ed. Harrison and Pugner 1973 Story called the Yellow Pills included was about altered reality. It was used as name of Pop Collection series.
Fear of Physics Lawrence Kraus 1993
The Law and the Lady Wilkie Collins 1875 Not the most convincing WC, but still some nice Wilkie stylings.
The Cry of the Kalahari Mark and Delia Owens 1984
The Secrets of the Lotus Donald K. Swearer 1971 Good read. No Bull look at Zen and meditation.
In Concert Carl A. Vigeland 1989 Look at horn player and Ozawa during Mahler practice. Like all places - infighting.
Planet Quest Ken Croswell 1997
Les Paul - An American Original Mary Alice Shaughnessy 1993

All Souls Michael Patrick Mac Donald 1999
The Inferno Dante Alighiere 1300 Trans by John Ciardi
Cousin Bette Horore De Balzac 1847 Father would not straighten out, even to the destruction of family and sainted wife.
Realm of the Universe George O. Abell 1975 Very good,detailed
Heartstones Ruth Rendell 1987 Mystery.
Chatham School Affair Thomas H. Cook 1996 Live a passionate life is proven wrong to storyteller.
The Eye of the Elephant Delia and Mark Owens 1992 Follow up to Cry Of the Kalahari.
Tunnel Vision Sara Paretsky V.I. Warshawski mystery. Waste of time, too long, lousy characters.
Praying for Rain Dennis Lehane Character of the Mailman is named Lovell!! Does this guy know me ?
The Nearest Faraway Place Timothy White 1994 Good over all look at the Beach Boys. Early Calif stuff and Murry the father profile.

The Elegant Universe Brian Greene 1999 String Theory
Dead Man In Deptford Anthony Burgess 1993 About Christopher Marlowe's last book.
Story of Mathematics Lloyd Motz & Jefferson H. Weaver 1993
Seven Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer 1953
Bertrand Russell-Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals ED-Lester E. Denoun 1952
Feast of Fools John David Morley 1994 Pastiche of Styles-Joyce, Pynchon etc.
Millions of Monarchs, Bunches of Beetles Gilbert Waldbauer 2000
Among the Grizzlies Timmothy Treadwell 1997
Aristotle Would Have Liked Oprah Ethel Diamond 1999
Hard Rain, A Dylan Commentary Tim Riley 1999

In a Sunburned Country Bill Bryson 2000
Art Without Boundaries Woods, Thompson 1974
Planet Joe Joe Cole 1992 Good diary of young ,drugy, rock and roller.
Immediatism Halim Bey 1994
Cocteau Francis Steegmuller 1970 Opium , socialite.
How to Read A Book M. Adler/C Van Doren 1940-72
The Free M. Gilliland 1986
Science and Human Values J. Bronowski 1965
The Collected Writings of Salvador Dali Hain Finkelstein 1998
Roman Polanski Virginia Wright Wexman 1985

That's Alright ,Elvis Scotty Moore/James Dickerson 1997
Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman 1900
The Iliad Homer 850 BC Trans I.A. Richards.
The Secret Melody Trinh Xian Than 1995
American Models/Modern Short Stories Ed. Miller/ Hayden/0'Neil
Roman Roman Polanski 1985
Making Moral Decisions Edward Stevens 1981
The Americanness of Walt Whitman Leo Marx 1960 Tocqueville, Santayana.
The Wisdom and Ideas of Plato Eugene Greeman/David Appel 1962
American Masters Brian O'Doherty 1984 Pollock,Hopper,Wyeth, Cornell


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