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Book List 1999

55 books this year. I read them in this order.

Gone, Baby, Gone Dennis Lehane 1998
Beyond good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche 1886
Nature's Numbers Ian Stewart 1995 Chaos, horsegallop
Artificial Intelligence F. David Peat 1988
American Painting James T. Flexner 1950 Copley Hicks, Trumbull, Chase, Cole, Church, Eakins
The Spiritual Universe Fred Allen Wolf, Ph.D 1996
B. S. I Love You Milton Berle 1988 The Friers Club history.
Arcadia Jim Crace 1992
The Book Alan Watts 1966
Black Poets Ed by Dudly Randall 1988

The Left Hand of the Electron Isaac Asimov 1972
The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dolstoyevsky 1880
Big Dreams Bill Barich 1995 About California
Shadow Woman Thomas Perry 1997
Better English Norman Lewis 1956
Absolute Zero Gravity B. Devine and J.E. Choen 1992
'J' is for Judgement Sue Grafton 1993
Immortality Milan Kundera 1991
'L' is for Lawless Sue Grafton 1995
The Old Patagonian Express Paul Theroux 1979

Moon: The Life and Death of aRock Legend Tony Fletcher 1999
P is for Innocent Sue Grafton 1992
Smokey: Inside My Life Smokey Robinson 1989
American Quest Jack Barth 1990 Travel book to odd sites.
Medieval in LA Jim Paul 1996
Go, Cat, Go Carl Perkins and David Mx Gee 1996
The Enchanted Loom Robert Jastrow 1981
Watteau in Venice Phillippe Sollers 1994
Through the Universe Darkly Maria Baatusia1993 About Dark Matter
The Conscious Reader Shrodes/finestone/Shugrue 2001 Le Roi Jones, Rhinocerous etc. Good.

Peter Cook Harry Thompson 1997
It Takes a Thief Gerald Hawson 1970-87 Jonathan Wick double cross
Millennium III Peter Sterns 1996
No Man's Land Harold Pinter 1974
One For The Road Harold Pinter 1984
My Philosophical Development Bertrand Russell 1959
Bill Haley John Swenson 1982
Wise Guys and Dangerous Dames ed. Weinberg, Dziemianowicz, Greenberg 1993
Last Train to Memphis Peter Guralnick 1994
It crawled From the South REMM Gray 1997

Seeds of Liberty Max Savelle 1948-68
Hunger Kurt Hanson 1890
Chuck Berry: Autobiography Chuck Berry o1987
Wouldn't it Be Nice Brian Wilson w/ Toss Gold. 1991
From Blake to Byron Ed. Boris Ford 1780-1830
Rogue Trader Nick Trader 1996
Philosophy-an Intro James Christian 1977
Kinky Cats, Immortal Amoebas, and Nine armed Octopuses Raymond Obstfeld 1997
United States History Textbook Various l984
The Dancing Universe Marcel Gleiser 1997

Bend Sinister Vladimir Nabokov 1947
Zazic Dans le Metro Raymond Qeneau 1959
The Lost River Richard Bangs 1999
Wickford Point John P. Marquand 1939
Computer Fundamentals Shelly and Cashman 1984


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