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Book List 1997

64 books this year. I read them in this order.

Panama Eric Zencey 1995
Great Ideas and Theories of Modern Cosmology Jagjit Singh 1970
The Ghostway Tony Hillerman 1984
The Clown Heinrick Boll 1965
Thirst Stephen Amidon 1992
Mindscapes Ed. by Richard Peck 1990 90 poems
Dead Certainties Simon Shama 1992
Epistemology Ed by Avrom Stroll 1979 Essays
Life on the American Frontier Louis B. Wright 1968
Blanche, Among the Talented Tenth Barbara Reiley 1994

The Mission On The Hil1 Fred Goodman 1997
Great American Deserts Rowe Finley 1972
Stonehenge Decoded Gerald S. Hawkins 1965
Talent and Genius
K. R. Eissler 1971
House Tracy Kidder 1995
The Content of Our Caracter She1by Steele 1990
Riding The Iron Rooster Pau1 Theroux 1988
Off The Record Joe South 1988
The Van Cliburn Legend Abram Chasins w/Villa Stills 1959
Desert Gold Zane Grey 1913

The Communist ManifestoKar1 Marx/F.Engals 1848
The Postman Always Rings TwiceJames M. Cain 1934
My Left Foot Christy Brown 1954
Conversations with Igor Strevinsky Robert Craft 1980
Poetry: A Modern Guide to It's Understanding and Enjoyment Elizabeth Drew 1959
Liea My Teacher Told Me James W. Loewen 1995
Are We Alone ? Paul Davis 1995
The Birthday Party/ the Room Harold Pinter 1960
Other Peoples Trades Primo Levi 1985
Noise. Noise. Noise Jerrey Grey 1975

Erewhon Samuel Butler 1872
Beyond Modernism Kim Levin 1988
Book Of the Eskimos Peter Freuchen 1961
The Renaissance Walter Pater 1873
The Story Of Abelards Adversities Peter Abelard 1964
The Rat Gunter Grass 1986
Space Puzzles Martin Gardner
The Skeleton's Knee Archer Mayor 1993
2001: A Space 0dyssey A. C. Clarke 1968
The James Joyce Murders Amanda Cross 1967

Riots ed. G.Leinwand Nat Turner-1831
The Razor's Edge S. Maugham 1944
How I Made A Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never lost a Dime Roger Corman w/Jim Jerome 1998
The Fall Albert Camus 1956
Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow Dee Brown 1977
Moving Zen Karate As a Way to Gentleness C.W.Nicol 1975
The ABC of Relativity Bertrand Russell 1959
Great Railway Bazaar Paul Theroux 1975
The Loneliness of the Long Sidtance Runner Alan Sillitone 1959
Lempriere's Dictionary Lawrence Norfolk 1991

An Unquiet Mind Kay Redfield Hamison 1996
Martin Dress1er Stephen Millhauser 1997
Fat Tuesday Sandra Brown 1997
Fabricated Man Paul Ramsey 1970
Laser Light Herman Schneider 1978
The Ascent of Man J. Bronowski 1973
The Game Show King Chuck Barris 1993
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking 1988
Doctor Faustus Christopher Marlow 1588
Life, Science, and Religious Concerns Herbert H. Uhlig 1988

The Devils Mode Anthony Burgess 1989
Keys to the Street Ruth Rendal 12/9 1996
It Happened in Boston? Russel1 H. Greennan 1968
Elvis Presley calls His Mother After The Ed Sullivan Show Samuel Charters 1992

The Overcoat, The Noise Nicol Gogol
Speeches A. Lincoln
The Crisis Thomas Paine
Rumpole and the Younger Generation .John Mortimer patriot
Under the Garden Graham Greene
The Black Monk, The Peasants Anton Chekov
Madam de Traymes Edith Warton
Beat Generation Mc Darrah 1996


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