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Book List 1996

53 books this year. I read them in this order.

Paintings of the Western World Casper De Jong 1963
Unpopular Essays Bertrand Russell 1950
The First Man A1bert Camus 1960
The Potting Shed Graham Greene 1956
On poets and Others Octavio Paz 1986
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson 1971
Picasso: Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man Norman Mailer 1996
Across The River and Through the Trees Ernest Hemingway 1950
King , Queen, Knave Vladimir Nabokov 1968
Ethics Wi11iam K. Frankena 1963

A Void George Perec 1969
Makers of the Western Tradition Vol. I ed Kelly Sowerds 1964
Deperate Characters Nicholas Christopher 1989
Winters Tales Jonathan Winters 1987
A Journey of Pope, Frost, Poems ed: R. f. Niebling 1964
Iron Joe Bob Joe Bob Briggs 1992
Natural High John P Wi1ey Jr. 1993
The Making of the Counter Culture Theodore Roszak 1969
The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls ,Revealed John Allegro 1956
Glory Vladimir Nabokov 1932

Beardstown Ladies Common Sense Investment Guide Beardstown Ladies C1ub/Whitaker 1996
Blanche on the Lam Barbara Neely 1992
Clueless H.B. Gilmour 1995
Manic Pop Thrill Rachel Felder 1993
Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life Sissela Bok 1979
The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco 1994
The Odyssey Homer 300 BC
Rising Sun Michael Crichton 1992
The Words J.P. Sartre 1964
THe Mutant Message Down Under Mario Morgan 1991-94

Don't Look Now Dafine du Maurier 1966
The Sayings of Confucius Trans by Ware 551-479 B.C
Miles Miles Davis/Quincy Troupe 1989
B1owback Bill Pronzini 1978
The Avenger Kenneth Robeson 1939
Invation of the Body Snatchers Jack Finney 1954-1989
Up and Down With the Rolling Stones Tony Sanchez 1979
Whoredom In Kimmage Rosemary Mahoney 1994
The History of Philosophy William Sahakian 1968
DeadSouls Nikolai Gogol 1842

Woyzeck George Buchner 1813-1837
One Two Three Infinity George Gamov 1947/61
The New Astronomy Various :Gamov,Whipp1e, Love11 1955
Looking Far West: The search for the Am. West in History, Myth, and Literature Ed. Bergon/Papanikolas 1978
Nevada Zane Grey 1928
Bill Graham Presents Graham/Greenfield 1992
No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs Johnny Rotten/Keith and Kent 1994
Cakes and Ales Somerset Maugham 1930
Hamlet Shakespeare 1600
The Tube David Marshall Fisher 1996

The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 1925
The Ego is Always at the Wheel Delmore Swartz 1986
Computer Ke11y/Aspray 1996


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