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Book List 1995

58 books this year. I read them in this order.

The Invisable Man Ralph Ellison 1952
Steel Guitar Linda Barns 1991
Mozart Marcia Davenport 1932
Great Companions Max Eastman 1952
Cheep Detective Neil Simon/R. Grossbach 1978
Dark Side of Genius-Life of Alfred Hitchcock Donald Spoto 1999
Asimov's Mysteries Issac Asimov 1968
Frankenstein Mary Shelley 1817
The Music Machine Roger Karshner 1971
Susan Powter Pocket Powter Susan Powter1994

Waves and the Ear Bergeisk/Pierce/David 1960
Positronic Man Asimov/Si1verberg 1992
Return to the Twighlight Zone ed. Carol Sterling 1994
'D' is for Deadbeat Sue Grafton 1987
Chronicle of Death Fortold Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1982
Edison: Inventing the Century Neil Baldwin 1995
This is Orson Wells Peter Bogdanovich 1992
3 Plays: Slight Ache/Co11ection/Dwarfs Harold Pinter 1962
Doctor Sleep Madison Smart Bell 1991
Vurt Jeff Noon 1993

Rebel Without Applause Jay Landesman 1987
The Late George Apley John P. Marquand 1937
Backtrack Joseoh Haneen 1982
Anthem Ann Rand 1946
Hex Kennith Robeson 1939
And the Beat Goes On Sonny Bono 1991
Oedipus Rex Sophocles 429 BC
Confessions of Rock Groups Summerst/Andrews 1994
Decider Dick Francis 1993
Textermination Christine Broker-Rose 1991

Rock critic Murders Jesse Sublett 1989
Irrational Man William Barrett 1958
Robinson Crusoe Danial Defoe 1719
Brave New World Alsous Huxley 1932
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Eric Blandings 1946
Nabokov's Dozen Vladimir Nabokov 1958
The Splendid Little War Frank Freidel 1898
'B' is for Burglar Sue Grafton 1985
Blinded by the Light John Gribbin 1991
Love and its Place in Nature Jonathan Lear 1990

Speculations: The Reality Club Ed. J. Brockman 1990
Shark Infested Custard Charles Willeford 1991
Gallery Going: 4 Seasons in the Art World Jed Perl 1991
The Universe and Dr. Einstein Lincolm Barnett 1948
Tours of the Black Clock Steve Erickson 1989
The Screwtape Letters C.S. Lewis 1942
A Youth in Babylon Davud F, Friednab 1990
Ada Vladimir Nabokov 1969
Settling the Score Ned Rorem 1988
Hitchcock in Prime Time Nevins/Greenberg 1985

Astor: My Life as a Hostage David Jacobsen/G.Astor 1993
The Snake Mickey Spillane 1964
Linguistics of Writing Fabb, Atlridge, Durant, Mac Cabe 1987
Loser Takes All Graham Greene 1993
Lover/Tea Party/Basement Harold Pinter 1967
Spicy Detective Stories Various 1990
Beawolf to the Beatles David Pickaske 1972
New World Writing Various 1953


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