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Book List 1994

45 books this year. I read them in this order.

Great Modern Reading Ed. Somerset Maughan 1943 G.Stein, T.S. Eliot, Hammett, H.James
Natural History of the Senses Diane Ackerman 1990 Companion to Hidden senses. Good review of five senses.
Stories to Remember Ed. Constain and Beecroft 1956 Birds by du Mairoer, HG Wells, Balzac, Kipling, Maughan, Chesterton.
Treasury of Humor National Lampoon 1991 When its funny, it's funny.
That's The Way I See It David Hockney 1993 Good insights into work. Preoccupied by space/reproductions.
The Falconer John Cheever 3/24 1975 No sense of real prison it seemed to me. Others love this book.
On Mozart Anthony Burgess 1991 Neat. Different ways to see facits of Mozart. Pure Music. Through scrips, operas, dialoge between Anthony and Burgess was a good idea.
Bat Chain Puller Kurt Loder 1990
Holy Terror Bob Colacello 1990
The Case of the Stuttering Bisop Earl Stanley Gardner 1936

More Stories in the Modern Mannor Various 1954 Agee, Proust, Kafka.
Times Arrow Martin Amis 1991
Genius idea, disorienting, mindbending
Infinite in all Directions Freeman Dyson 1985 Great first half, mediocre second half, a mathlematical basis for life/survival. String theory, Black holes.
The Genius of the People Charles Mee Jr, 1987 Great insight into the constitutional convention.
The Long Valley John Steinbeck 5/25 1938
Black Water Joyce Carol Oates 1992 Good, repeating story line. Girl attracted to Senator with Power.
Sein Language Jerry Seinfeld 1993
The Great Houdini B. Willians Epstein 1951
The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea Philip R.Craig 1991
Rock and Roll and Remember Dick Clark 1978

Profiles in Courage John F. Kennedy 1956 Shows examples of how life and politics is hard/complicated. Great book
The Lords and the New Creatures Jim Morrison 1969
Elvis Rising Ed. Sloan and Pierce 1993
Buck a Book.Ike At the Mike.
Tiny Tim Harry Stein 1976
Girl, Interrupted Susanna Kaysen 1993
Cosmopolitan Greetings Allen Ginsberg -Poems 1994
The Flaming Falcon Kenneth Robeson ,Doc Savage 1939
Mr. Arkadin 0rson Welles 1956
Bomb Interviews Various 1994 Amis, Pacino...substancive..
Man Who Framed the Beatles Andrew Yule 1994 About Richard Lester

Anthology of South Shore Poets Various 1993
Flatland Edwin A. Abbott 8/27 1884
The Teachings of Son B Donald Barthelme Intro by Pynchon. Small returns.
Diary of an Unknown Jean Chiele/Bob Golden 1995
War All the Time Charles Bukowski 1984
Black Betty Walter Mosley 1994
A Case Of Need Michael Crichton 1969 .
Devil In A Blue Dress Walter Mosley 1990
Beautiful Place To Die Philip R Craig 1989
The Dwarf Par Lagerkvist Nobel prize winner in 1951.1944 Nobel prize winner in 1951. Look at mankind from outside. Not pleasant.
Maigret Goes To School Georges Simenon 1954

A Red Death Walter Mosley 1991 Commies in the 50 's. Good.
Once Before I Go Wayne Newton w/Maurice 1989 Waccky
Macbeth Shakespeare 1600
Possession A.S. Byatt 1991 Lots in this story: Lit crit, romance, detective, life/love as possession.
Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov 1993


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