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Book List 1993

44 books this year. I read them in this order.

Perceptions in Literature Paul Watzlawick 1972
Blackbeard Kurt Vonnegut 1987
Friday Robert Heinlein 1982
Indemnity One Sara Peretsky 1982
To Hell and Back Audie Murphy 1949
Popular History of Music Carter Harman 1956
Sound and Sense Laurence Perrone 1991
Damage Josephine Hart 1991
Glass Houses Laura S Micon ??
A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney Andy Rooney 1981

Side Effects Woody Allen 1980
Allen Ginsberg Barry Miles 1989
Christopher Columbus Samuel Morison 1941
Jurassic Park Michael Crichton 1991
Crossing to Safety Wallace Stegner 1987
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Michael Dorris 1987
True Adventures of the Rolling Stones Stanley Booth 1984
Therese Raquin Emil Zola 1867
The Hidden Dimension Edward Hall 1966
The Maltese Falcon Dashiell Hammett 1930

Schock Rock Various 1992
One Fat Englishman Kingsley Amis 1960
When You Look Like Your Passport Photo Erma Bombeck 1993
8 Tales of Terror Edgar Allen Poe 1978
A Time To Kill John Grisham 1989
Haircut and other Stories Ring Lardner 1922
Little Brown Reader Stubbs/Barnet ed. 1983
White Butterfly Walter Mosley 1992
A Woman Run Mad John L'Heureux 1988
Hour of the Knife Sharon Zukowski 1991

Murder in Waiting Robert Richardson 1991
Franz Kafka Meno Spann 1976
The Reality Club John Brockman ed. 1988
The Shipwrecked (England Made Me) Graham Greene 1981
A Brilliant Madness Patti Duke/Hochman 1994
The Quarry Friedrich Duerrematt 1951
Van Gogh David Sweetman 1990
The Immoralist Andre Gide 1902
The Bald Soprano Eugene Ionesco 1954
The Letters of John Cheever Benjamin Cheever 1988

Through the Flower Judy Chicago 1984
The Scarlet Ruse John D Macdonald 1972
Reflections Elkins/Kendall/Willingham ed. 1976
Picasso: His Life and Work Roland Penrose 1973


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