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Book List 1992

42 books this year. I read them in this order.

Talking God Tony Hillerman 1989
Einstein's Monsters Martin Amis 1987
The Edge of Infinity Paul Davies 1981
The Lair James Herbert 1979
Buddism Edward Conze 1951
Just Another Day in Paradise A.E. Maxwell 1985
Thin Air William Marshall 1977
Rrelude to Foundation Isaac Asimov 1988
Doc Savage: The Quest of Qui Kenneth Robeson 1835
The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson 1952

The Girl Hunters Mickey Spillane 1962
Written in Blood Colin Wilson 1989
Emily McIntre: Valhalla's Wake John Loftus 1989
Killshot Elmore Leonard 1989
Cop Hunter Murano/Hoffer 1990
Death of a Joyce Scholar Bartholomew Gill 1989
Glory Vladimir Nabokov 1935
'A' is for Alibi Sue Grafton 1982
Mad Eyes Kenneth Robeson1937
Hellbound Heart Clive Barker 1986

Immortality Inc. Robert Sheckley 1959
Classic Short Fiction ED. Bohner 1986
Jackie Oy! Mason/Gross 1990
Ordeal Lovelace/McGrady 1980
Where the Money Was Sutton/Linn1976
Aquinas and he Natural Law D.J. O'Connor1967
Sideswipe Chrles Willeford 1987
Trophies and Dead Things Marcia Muller 1990
Slapstick Kurt Vonnegut1976
The March of Folly Barbara Touchman 1984

Meditations on First Philosophy Rene Descartes 1641
Snows of Kilimanjaro and Short Stories Ernest Hemingway 1936
'H' is for HomicideSue Grafton 1991
The Robots of Dawn Isaac Asimov 1983
The Federist Papers Hamilton/Jay/Madison 1788
For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway 1940
Panic Broadcast Howard Koch 1970
Never Sniff a Dead Fish Patrick McManus 1989
American Hall of Fame Daniel/Chu eds. 1966
American History - from Civil War to Ford Text Book ??

Surf -Dog Days and Bitchin' Nights Corky Carrol 1989
Tremor of Intent Anthony Burgess 1966


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