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Book List 1990

60 books this year. I read them in this order.

Delmore Schwartz James Atlas 1977
Berlin Game Len Deighton 1983
The Last Days of Socrates Plato 600 BC
Dread Clive Barker 1992
A Kind of Anger Eric Ambler 1964
Senatorial Previlege Leo Damore 1989
Chrome Yellow Aldous Huxley 1921
The Blue Hammer Ross Macdonald 1976
As I Lay Dying William Faulkner 1930
Another Part of the City Ed McBain 1986

Pale Fire Vladimir Nabokov 1962
Murder in the Queen Armes Aaron J. Elkins 1985
Moodswing Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, M.D. 1989
Visions of Gerard Jack Kerouac 1958
A Rogue's Life Wilkie Collins 1879
The Wisdom of Evolution Raymond J. Noger 1966
Einstein: The Life and Times Ronald Clark 1971
Men and Women of Letters Various 1988
The Cooking School Murders Virginia Rich 1962
The Chill Ross Macdonald 1963

Modern Poetics Various 1965
Licence to Kill John Gardner 1989
The Rosary Murders William Kienzle 1979
Marilyn Steinem/Marris 1986
The Commic Art of Krazy Kat George Herriman 1975
Metropolitan Life Fran Lebowitz 1978
Marcel Duchamp Octavio Paz 1968
The Power and the Glory Graham Greene1940
Mutation Robin Cook 1989
Elvis After Life Raymond A. Moody 1989

Life: A User's Manuel George Perec 1978
The Chinese Bell Murders Robert Van Gulik 1958
Rants Various ??
The Green Fuse Lita Hornick 1989
After Midnight Charles L. Grant ed 1992
Justine Marquis de Sade 1789
Lady in Peril Ben Ames Williams 1959
Overcoming Depression Dimitri/Janice Papolos 1987
The Winter of Our Discontent John Steinbeck 1961
You Can't Win Jack Black 1926

The Idiot Fyodor Dostoevsky 1868
Tiananmen Diary Harrison Salisbury. 1989
M/F Anthony Burgess 1971
Great Fairy Tales of Ireland Mary McGarry 1973
Q Clearance Peter Benchley 1986
Slow Dance in Autumn Philip Lee Williams 1988
Cities of the Red Night William Burroughs 1981
Key To Rebecca Ken Follett 1980
The Power of Light Isaac Singer1980
Fitzcarraldo Werner Herzog 1982

V A.C. Crispin 1982
The Upanishads Various 600 BC
The Stainless Steel Rat Harry Harrison 1977
Win, Lose or Die John Gardner 1989
Frankenstein Unbound Brian Aldiss 1973
Miami Blues Charles Willeford 1984
Swan Song Robert McCammon 1987
Murder on Tour Dick Clark 1989
When the Cat's Away Kinky Freidman 1988


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