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Book List 1988

69 books this year. I read them in this order.

Convivial Codfish Charlotte Macloed 1984
Moon James Herbert 1987
A Cast of Killers Sidney Kirkpatrick 1986
Mystery at Cape Cod Tavern Phoebe A Taylor 1934
Cannery Row John Steinbeck 1945
Spycatcher Peter Wright 1988
What Thou Lovest Well Remains: 100 Years of Ezra Pound Richard Ardinger 1986
Snow White and Rose Red Ed McBain 1985
Unkindness of Ravens Ruth Rendell 1985
Great American Novel Willian C Williams 1990

Haunted Lady Mary Rinehart 1942
The Venitian Glass Nephew Elinor Wylie 1984
Water Row Review # 1 Various 1987
Alpha Beat Soup #2 Various ??
Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s Dave March 1987
Cry the Beloved Country Alan Patten 1948
Kerouac's Last Word: Jack Kerouac in Escapade Jack Kerouac 1987
James Joyce's Disunited Kingdom John Garvin 1976
Dwarf Kills Nun , Flees in UFO Arnold Sawislak 1985
Spinoza of Market Street Isaac Singer 1958

Finnegans Wake Experence Roland Mc Hugh 1981
Legend of Bruce Lee Alex Ben Block 1974
A Memory of Sylvia Plath Nancy Steiner 1962
Tunc Lawrence Durrell 1968
Water Row Review#3 1988
Ofay Earl Shorris 1967
The Best Man to Die Ruth Renelll 1987
Dire Coasts John Clellon Holmes 1988
The Serpent and the Rainbow Wade Davis 1985
Beats & Company Ann Charters 1986

Total Film-maker Jerry Lewis 1971
Killers Payoff Ed McBain 1958
Miss Pinkerton Mary Rinehart 1932
The Face of Trespass Ruth Rendell 1974
Amusing Ourselves to Death Neil Postman 1985
Don Quixote (Part One) Cervantes 1605
24 Weeks on the NY Times Best Seller List Andrew Grobman 1981
Trouble is My Business Raymond Chandler 1950
The Moving I: Episodes in the Life of an American Expatriate Sixties Man in England & India & Around K George Dowden 1988
The Door Mary Rhinehart 1930

The Comedians Graham Greene 1966
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Oliver Sacks 1985
Nobody Lives Forever John Gardner 1986
Apt Pupil/The Mist Stephen King 1982
The Red Pony John Steinbeck 1933
Clea Laurence Durrell 1960
Shoot the Piano Player David Goodis 1956
Nightmare Edward Arons 1948
Murder Makes Me Mad Ferguson Findley 1956
Vanity Dies Hard Ruth Rendell 1985

Trouble Follows Me Ross Macdonald 1946
Loser Takes All Graham Greene 1955
Spanking the Maid Robert Coover 1981
Mindscapes Various ??
No Deals, Mr. Bond John Gardner 1987
Godplayer Robin Cook 1983
Getting to Know the General Graham Greene 1984
Don Quixote (Part 2 ) Cervantes 1610
Doll Ed McBain 1965
Death Notes Ruth Rendell 1981

Sweet Thursday John Steinbeck 1954
Capa Richard Whelan 1985
Man who Couls Not Shutter John Dickson Carr 1940
Book of Breething William Burroughs 1980
Post Natal Trash Richard Meltzer 1984
The Wall John Hersey 1958
Hiroshima John Hersey 1946
Stark Raving Elvis William McCrandor Henderson 1987
50 Great Essays Various ??


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